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Player Ratings: Colorado Rapids vs Vancouver Whitecaps

Gashi returns! But how did he play?

MLS: Vancouver Whitecaps FC at Colorado Rapids Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

The Colorado Rapids fell behind just a few minutes into the game, but they fought back to eventually take the lead. Unfortunately, they couldn’t hold on to that lead, so the game finished 2-2. In a bright spot, Shkelzen Gashi returned from a series of injuries that had kept him out of league games for the last two months.

Here is how everyone played:

Tim Howard (GK): 5

There wasn’t much Howard could do about either of the goals, but he looked a little shaky throughout the night. For instance, there were two times he came out of his goal to attack a cross and missed. That isn’t normal for Howard, and it definitely isn’t good for any goalie.

Eric Miller (RB): 6

Miller played the game that we have come to expect from him. He played solid defense, and he did a solid job getting forward. He even hit some decent crosses before being replaced.

Jared Watts (CB): 6

Watts also had a solid game. He didn’t get beat badly on defense, and he avoided turning the ball over. The only thing that goes against him is that he seemed to be a little too eager to drop balls back to Howard instead of maybe trying to get some forward momentum throughout much of the second half.

Axel Sjoberg (CB): 7.5

Axel may be back to the form he was in for almost all of last year. He was very good defensively and didn’t let anyone slip in behind him. He was the only player to really defend the middle of the box on Vancouver’s second goal, and he managed to get forward and get a goal of his own. Hopefully he can keep this form up the rest of the year.

Mike da Fonte (LB): 6

This is a hard one to rate because it seemed like we got a little of everything from da Fonte on the night. He was probably the shakiest defender in the back line, but he also did a solid job of getting forward and hitting in some decent crosses. On top of that, he played an important part in Sjoberg’s goal, but he also was the man who cleared the ball straight to Tchani for Vancouver’s opener (though that was just kinda good offense beating solid defense). Taking in all the pros and cons on the night, he comes out with an average.

Marlon Hairston (RM): 7

Hairston was very dynamic when he was able to get involved in the plays. He started the game by getting in behind the Vancouver back line, barely missing the far post on his shot. Later, he picked up a nice assist on a back heal to Doyle. Finally, he was solid in the RB position once Miller came off. Overall, another good night for Marlon.

Michael Azira (CM): 5.5

Azira struggled to really make an impact on the game in the first half, but he did do a better job getting on the ball in the second half. The main reason he only gets a 5.5 is because he easily could have been sent off for a second yellow in the second half after a few bad challenges.

Mohammed Saeid (CM): 7

Saeid did a great job pulling the strings in the midfield. He made a number of good passes and even hit a few good crosses when he would drift outside. Saeid and Azira seem to work well together with him sitting above Azira generally.

Shkelzen Gashi (LM): 6.5

Gashi had not played a league game since June 3rd, and his return was definitely noticed. He began by playing a clever ball into Hairston that let him get in on goal in the first couple minutes. The Rapids don’t have anther player with the passing and shooting ability that Gashi has, and you can’t help but think he is about to make something happen whenever he has the ball. Overall, a good return for Gashi that he should hope to build on.

Dominque Badji (ST): 6

It was a pretty average night for Badji. He used his speed to chase after balls and pressure the back line, but he was not able to really create anything particularly dangerous.

Kevin Doyle (ST): 7

Doyle did a good job playing under Badji like he as been for the recent months. He kept looking to create something either for a teammate or for himself, and he eventually earned himself two good chances. He turned one of them into a goal, so he comes away with a 7.

Joshua Gatt (on for Gashi in 71’): 6

Gatt came on and did what he does best. He took the ball the Vancouver defense with pace. Unfortunately, nothing particularly dangerous came out of all of it, but he brought a nice burst of energy to the last 20 minutes of the game.

Alan Gordon (on for Miller in the 78’): 5.5

Gordon struggled to really make a mark on the game once he came on. The Rapids weren’t able to provide him with a lot of chances or service, but I would still like to see a little more from him when we are looking for three points.

Nana Boateng (on for Azira in the 86’): N/A

Boateng didn’t get enough playing time to really earn a rating.