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Looking for positives from the 2017 Rapids season

They are there—just few and far between.

MLS: Colorado Rapids at Real Salt Lake Chris Nicoll-USA TODAY Sports

This past week, I put out a tweet on Friday at 3:13 PM:

With the struggles that the Colorado Rapids are having, do you see any positives currently?

If I had put that question out at, say, 8:00 am on Sunday following the embarrassing 4-1 Rapids loss to their archrivals Real Salt Lake (and the score could have been much worse than that) it may have been more difficult to get some responses.

But in looking at the positive comments, there were a few:

From Colin Peterson (@TheAceArbiter): “@KortFord has been a great addition to the team. A bright spot in an otherwise dark season.” I agree. He brings an energy and a desire to do his job well. Plus, the fans have embraced him, as evident in their response honoring and helping his mom. A great story, indeed.

Jason Asay (@JasenAsay) gave us a glimmer of possible attainment of hardware when he tweeted: “Still have a chance to win the Rocky Mountain Cup!” Sigh... moving on, folks!

Devon Widick (@DenverGamer) believes “the counter attack has looked better under Steve Cooke.” Better is, well, better. Here’s to finishing!

Matt Pollard (@LWOSMattPollard) replied: “The organization clearly setting a standard with the Rapids Way manifesto from Smith. A move towards transparency. Kort Ford.” I certainly hope so, and time will tell if this transparency and this moving forward with this philosophy will play out. Sadly, we won’t know until the offseason, but Smith does offer hope. Hopefully, it’s more than just words.

Eric Stinson (@EricStinson19) echoed Pollard: “I think that finally we are starting to see this organization embracing the mentality of commitment to winning.” Smith is setting a right tone, I agree. At times, however, the players seem to be giving in to discouragement, especially after goals are scored by the opposition. When Plata scored in the 41st minute on Saturday, the body language of many of the players changed. A cloud has settled in to where a commitment to winning is replaced by wondering, “Where will the goals come from?” Not good.

Richard Bamber (@RBamber) finds another positive regarding Smith: “Padraig Smith comes across as a genuinely likable guy who brings something. Change was sorely needed and hopefully is coming.” In reply, Joan Dobrzynski (@JoanDobrzynski) concurred: “Likeable and sincere and knowledgeable. Wants the team to turn around and succeed. Easy to talk to and smart. That’s my opinion. :)” It always helps matters when those occupying the front office of the club you support has all these qualities and other intangibles to help turn around the fortunes of said club.

James D Halliday (@TheBoyBlunder21) has a different tone: “Um. Open DP slot w/o Ramirez. Sarvas coming off the books soon. Beyond that...” This was followed with ol’ Elmo giving a shrug.

Last but not least, the Colorado Rapids (@coloradorapids) themselves responded with something we all want to know, that we as supporters are valued: “Fans like you continuing to support the club!” We’re here and will stay with the Rapids. So when the turnaround comes, we can say, “I was there through the good times and the bad!” And, mind you, 2017 is bad.

While the positivity level went down after Saturday’s match, I’m sure, it’s good to see that on some level, it’s still there. But the bright spots are few and far between. Here’s hoping Padraig Smith can take us out of the valley and into the promised land.