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Player Ratings: Colorado Rapids vs FC Dallas

The Rapids got their second road point of 2017. How did everyone play?

MLS: Vancouver Whitecaps FC at Colorado Rapids Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

The Rapids went into Dallas hoping to come away with at least a point, and they were able to manage just that. The Rapids spent most of the game on the back foot, and they only avoided defeat thanks to VAR disallowing an FC Dallas goal. In the end, the teams drew 0-0, and the Rapids came away with their second road point on the season.

Tim Howard (GK): 7

When it came to defending the goal, Howard had a brilliant game. He made a number of great saves on some really good shots, and for that he deserves a high number. Unfortunately, he had a number of punts and goal kicks go out of play. When that happens the ball goes straight back to FC Dallas and doesn’t help relieve the pressure. His score drops due the amount of times this happened, something that we would not expect from a player of his caliber.

Eric Miller (RB): 6

It was a solid game for Miller, but he struggled to really make an impact on the game. He was good defensively, but he was not able to get forward as well as he typically can be known for.

Jared Watts (CB): 7

Watts might finally be finding some form again. He was really solid in the one-on-one situations he was put in, and he helped hold the backline together while having a different partner in each half. Overall, Saturday was one of his best outings of the year.

Axel Sjoberg (CB): 7

Sjoberg was finally starting to hit his stride again before he left the game injured at the half. He was good in the air and didn’t let anyone behind him. He looked dominant defensively in the first half, and he likely would have come away with a higher number if he got 90 minutes.

Mike da Fonte (LB): 5.5

Da Fonte was probably the weakest member of the back line again on Saturday. Dallas found a lot of success going down his flank, and he just got beat way too often. Throughout the game, Sjoberg and Ford had to step out left a lot, and there was a scary moment when da Fonte went down way to early and let his man by him in the box. Luckily, nothing came of it, but da Fonte needs to step up his game a bit to get to the same level as the rest of the back line.

Marlon Hairston (RM): 6

Marlon was pretty good in the first half, but he had limited opportunities to do anything. The Rapids did not see a whole bunch of the ball (especially in the attacking third), so Hairston only got a few chances to make something happen. With that, he made a few clever passes that nearly connected to make something happen. In the end, it was a pretty average performance.

Michael Azira (CM): 5.5

Azira did his thing defensively, but he wasn’t all that much help on the offensive side of the ball. He sat in front of the back four and pressured Dallas in the way we have come to expect, but he typically is able to get on the ball more and make a few more productive passes. Through a large part of the game, he really wasn’t that noticeable once the Rapids had the ball.

Mohammed Saeid (CM): 6

Saeid is typically relied on upon to pull the strings in the center of the pitch and help create at least the beginning of the offense. On a night when the Rapids had little offense, it is safe to say that he was not able to make too much happen. Whether it be that he was off his game, the players around him weren’t helping out, or Dallas is just good, Saeid was not able to do much or make anything happen with the ball. He was not bad by any means, however, so he gets an average score.

Shkelzen Gashi (LM): 5.5

Dallas put the Rapids back on their heels from the first whistle, and that makes it hard for Gashi to do what he does best (play offense). When he did get a chance to play offense, he often tried to force things a little, and that would lead to a bad pass and a turnover. Overall, Gashi wasn’t put in the best place to succeed, but it was still a bit of a rough night for the DP winger.

Kevin Doyle (ST): 6

Doyle may have been the best Rapid on the ball Saturday night. He often found the ball at his feet, and he was usually able to make a few dribbles and then pick out some simple passes that would at least get the attack moving forward a little. Outside of that, however, he was not able to make much happen. In the end, he is on the field to make goals happen, and they didn’t on Saturday.

Dominique Badji (ST): 6.5

Badji was probably the most dangerous player for the Rapids all night. He got in behind the defense early on and would have scored if not for a strong hand by the Dallas goalie. On top of that, he was solid in hold up play, but he also had some turnovers due to bad passes and poor touch on his dribbling. Like Doyle, he is supposed to make goals, and they didn’t come Saturday night.

Kortne Ford (on for Sjoberg at half): 7

Ford had a solid half after replacing an injured Sjoberg. He was solid in his one-on-one defending, and he saved two goals off the line. He even did a decent job covering for da Fonte a few times when da Fonte would get beat. Like Sjoberg, he may have earned a higher score if he played more than 45 minutes.

Alan Gordon (on for Hairston in the 82’): N/A

Gordon did not play long enough/get involved enough to merit a rating.

Nana Boateng (on for Gashi in the 89’): N/A

Same situation as Gordon, but there are a few things to note with Boateng. He went into a challenge very soft, got beat, and almost let up a goal right after coming on. Also, he made some poor passes the few times he got the ball. Overall, not a promising cameo.