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Let’s give it up for Conor McGahey (seriously)

Conor McGahey is a gift to Rapids supporters.

MLS: Los Angeles Galaxy at Colorado Rapids Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

In a season of negatives surrounding our Colorado Rapids, we should take time to acknowledge one of the significant positives: Conor McGahey.

This past Saturday, I listened to the Rapids as they traveled to San Jose to play the Earthquakes at Avaya Stadium. I do not have cable (I’m a Sling kind of guy), but I listened on my TuneIn Radio app to Altitude 950 AM. It was here I began to appreciate how good Mr. McGahey is at his craft.

According to his Twitter account, McGahey is the play-by-play guy for the Colorado Rapids and Denver University Hockey. He also serves as the public address announcer for the Denver Broncos and the Colorado Buffaloes home games.

On the ‘About’ page of his website is a literary masterpiece of hilarity. Anytime you can include “llamas and leprechauns,” “a website going rogue,” “Buzz Lightyear,” and an editorial on high maintenance talent and their penchant for only green M&Ms? Well, you have a first-class personality on your hands.

When it comes to the Colorado Rapids, McGahey brings all the action to life. He’s into it from start to finish. The excitement he brings to goals for both sides (more on that in a moment) seems as if he is channelling Andres Cantor through an American filter. He is dead honest in regards to whether a foul is legitimate or not.

He does something I thought impossible—making soccer on the radio, well, possible.

His social media presence on Twitter is impressive. He spends time interacting with the fans in a way that’s clever and appreciative of their support. What makes his presence all the more endearing is how he mixes in a bit of self-deprecation. Before the game this weekend, David Schaut tweeted:

No #Rapids96 TV in Marquette, MI, so it’s another night of listening to @ConorMcGahey #SJvCOL.

His response?

I’m so sorry.

He honors the military and other heroes, employs memes with a deft touch, but, again, he interacts with the fans that is genuine and appreciative. Why is this so important?

Because 2017 isn’t going so well for our Colorado Rapids. But part of being a supporter of the team is, oddly enough, not just about the performance on the pitch.

It’s the camaraderie amongst the fans in the stands and on social media, both in celebrating and in venting about the team.

It’s about Dick’s Sporting Goods Park being our home away from home and a desired fortress as it was in 2016.

It’s about Rings of Honor and Tim Howard and wearing our Rapids kits with pride, regardless of the standings.

But it’s also about the extended family we have. And men such as Conor McGahey give fans that connection and voice that helps be a tie that binds us together.

Yes, many Rapids’ supporters see a number of negative issues with the club right now. Conor McGahey isn’t one of them.

Thank you, Conor - keep up the good work on the radio!

(Don’t worry Richard and Marcelo - we didn’t forget about you!)