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Player Ratings: Colorado Rapids vs Toronto FC

The Rapids managed to secure their first point on the road in 2017 thanks to a 1-1 draw in Toronto.

MLS: Colorado Rapids at Toronto FC Dan Hamilton-USA TODAY Sports

The Colorado Rapids entered their game against Toronto FC on Saturday night without a single road point in 2017 so far. Things didn’t look like they were going to change when Toronto scored just a few minutes into the game, and they continued to dominate possession afterwards. Luckily, Dominique Badji put in an equalizer with just 15 minutes left to play, and the Rapids held on to a draw.

Here are my player ratings:

Zac MacMath (GK): 5.5

MacMath had a pretty solid game. He made the saves you would expect him to, and even made a good save on the run just before letting in the first goal. However, he made a mistake in running out after the ball that Sebastian Giovinco beat him to just before the opening goal.

Eric Miller (RB): 7

Miller probably had the best game of anyone on the back line. He did a good job getting up on offense, and he held his ground well on the defensive side of the ball. In all reality, it may have been his best start at RB of the season, and he was a major reason Toronto couldn’t get much going down his sideline. He was only subbed because he drew the short straw when the Rapids needed another forward on the field.

Kortne Ford (CB): 6.5

Ford has a solid game and didn’t let many people get by him throughout the night. He was pretty strong in the air, and he almost managed to save the ball off the line on the opening goal. Overall, it was a solid night for Ford, and he is really starting to show the growth he has had in his first professional season.

Axel Sjoberg (CB): 5.5

Sjoberg returned to the lineup for the first time in a while after recovering from his latest injury, and it was a decent game from him. He made a number of solid defensive plays, which we have come to expect from him, but he also got beat a few times. Toronto took advantage of his lack of pace and managed to get a few players behind him via the through ball. He also lost a couple aerial duels, including a dangerous one at the back post on a free kick in the second half.

Mike da Fonte (LB): 6

Da Fonte had another solid outing as he continues to see playing time in his first MLS season. He made a number of good clearances in the box, but Toronto also managed to get a few crosses and breaks down his side. Overall, it was a solid game and there still seems to be nobody who can really challenge his spot at LB as long as Miller in on the right.

Marlon Hairston (RM): 5.5

Hairston spent a lot of the night struggling to really get into the play. The Rapids did not have a whole lot of possession, and what they had tended to not go through Hairston. When he managed to get the ball, he made some solid passes, but still nothing really special. Once Miller was subbed out, he did a good job holding down the RB spot.

Mohammed Saeid (CM): 7

Saeid got play in the middle of the park, staying just above Azira for the most part. He did a good job spreading the ball around and passing to everyone while still making good decisions. He also had a number of good deliveries into the box both during the run of play and on free kicks. Overall, it was another really good game from the man we traded our captain for back at the beginning of the season.

Micheal Azira (CM): 6

Azira did was he was asked to Saturday night. He sat in front of the defense and broke up plays (or at least pushed them outside). Over the past two years, Azira has been one of the most consistent players for the Rapids, and he kept that up Saturday night. Sure, he would have liked to make a little more of an impact, but he was still solid.

Dillon Serna (LM): 7

Serna has gotten a chance to be in the starting lineup recently, and he hasn’t disappointed. He looked like the most dangerous man in yellow on the field, and he was definitely the most direct player the Rapids had on the night. He put in a few good crosses and just looked like he could end up making a play at any moment. The only downside to his game Saturday is that maybe he took a few too many shots when he wasn’t likely to score, but you gotta appreciate the offensive aggressiveness.

Kevin Doyle (ST): 6

Doyle returned to his role of sitting just underneath Badji in the two striker set. He again showed hustle and did what he could to become part of the plays and make something happen. In the end, he did an okay job, but he did blow a free header from inside the 6-yard box by hitting it straight at Irwin. Overall, an average day from Doyle.

Dominique Badji (ST): 7.5

Badji was the man of the hour when he managed to tie the game up off of a great individual play. He took the ball, managed to get a step on a couple defenders, and then slotted a nice left-footed shot just inside the near post from the top of the box. If he can keep making plays like that, he just might be able to deter the Rapids from signing a new forward to boost the offense (we need to see it much more often, but it’s a start). On top of that, he made a number of solid hustle plays and even tracked back on defense to make some steals.

Alan Gordon (on for Miller in the 63’): 5

Gordon struggled to make a name for himself in this game. He came on a managed to get on the ball a few times, but he usually had to pass it away and wasn’t able to make anything look dangerous. He also struggled to really get on the end of any crosses. Not every game can be a home run, so hopefully he does better next time out.

Jaren Watts (on for Ford in the 69’): 6

Watts didn’t do anything amazing, but he also didn’t really let himself get beat on the night, so he gets an average score.

Caleb Calvert (on for Serna in the 86’): N/A

Calvert didn’t clock enough playing time to really earn a grade.