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What to Watch This Weekend: The Gold Cup and Hoping to Win the Group Edition

The USMNT can win the group. Right? Right?

Soccer: Gold Cup-Final-Jamaica at Mexico Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

The final rounds of the 2017 Gold Cup Group Stages are upon us and the big question for the Red, White and Blue is clear:

Can we win the group?

Or maybe the bigger question:

What is the identity of this team? (Sound familiar Colorado Rapids fans?)

Saturday will tell us a lot. Speaking of Saturday, here is what I am watching this weekend:

Canada vs Honduras—Friday, 8:00 PM MDT—Fox Sports 1

This one is interesting. The Canadians have played well so far with a win and a draw and sit on top of Group A. Alphonso Davies has shown that he is all that and a bag of chips and has three goals so far, but Canada takes on a Honduras team that so far has looked like crap. They do have a win, but it was a forfeit victory over French Guiana who used an ineligible player. Canada should be able to grind out a result and for a national team that is looking for good news, that would be huge.

Nicaragua vs United States of America, Saturday, 5:00 PM MDT—FXX, Univision

First off, thanks FOX for putting this game on a channel that sounds like a rating for an adult film.

Secondly, the big thing to watch with this game is whether the United States can play a cohesive game. They have not looked good so far against Martinique and Panama and they blew a 2-0 lead against the country with four snakes on their flag (which is kind of cool in retrospect).

Third, I am still trying to discover what the identity of this team actually is since Bruce Arena took over late last year. I know he is still relatively new in the job, but I do not feel like I know what this team is or what they are about.

Jamaica vs El Salvador, Sunday, 4:00 PM MDT—Fox Sports 2

This one is a curiosity to me. I don’t think that either team is that good, but here they are—both with a chance to advance out of the group. Jamaica was stout in defense against Mexico in Denver and El Salvador played a fair game against a terrible Curacao team.

The winner will advance out of their group and a draw may be enough to see both teams through.

So that is what is on my soccer menu for the weekend. How about you? Anything else you are following?