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Game Recap: Colorado Rapids 3, Houston Dynamo 1

The Rapids continue to gain confidence at home and successfully defend the DSGP Fortress.

Kevin Doyle and Dominique Badji celebrate after the Rapids’ first goal.
Truman McCaw - @MccawTruman

The first half started out really slow. Basically, both teams were kicking the ball either over each other’s heads or leading their forwards just a little too much. It was a lot of throw-ins and goal kicks. Oh and this “yellow card”:

Cubo Torres quickly became enemy #1, with the crowd booing every time he touched the ball.

Houston Dynamo’s first chance was in the 9th minute. Mauro Manotas received a cross and was wide open so he dribbled in, but Tim Howard had a solid save with his foot. Houston tried to get a shot on the rebound, but Castillo blocked it out for an orange corner. The Dynamo kicked it way over everyone and out of bounds on the other sideline.

The Colorado Rapids had a couple chances, but for the most part, things stayed pretty low key until the 21st minute. Dillon Serna crossed in a great pass to Kevin Doyle, who put it in the back corner of the net to put the ‘Pids up 1-0.

The goal gave the Burgundy Boys a little momentum, but things shifted towards the end of the first half. Tim Howard came up with some big saves, but in the end, Cubo was able to get one past Timmy in the 4th minute of stoppage time. Howard had five saves in the first half, and I think at least 3-4 of them were in the last 10 minutes.

No changes to start the second half, and the Rapids came out hot. Just three minutes in, Dominique Badji took off up the left side. Houston keeper Joe Willis came out but didn’t get to the ball, so Badji just dribbled around him and crossing a low ball into the box. Marlon Hairston came flying in just in time and got a sliding goal. The Rapids got ahead by a goal early in the second half.

Colorado kept up the pressure with a couple more shots on goal, and then Doyle had some space to run right up the middle of the field in the 69th minute. He passed it off to Marly coming up the right side who chipped Willis to earn a brace and add another one to the scoreline.

Houston’s biggest chance was in the 73rd minute, but Howard came up big yet again. He conceded the corner, but the Dynamo was unable to do anything with it.

Pablo Mastroeni used all three subs tonight and Colorado weathered the storm to win 3-1.

After tonight’s result, Houston continues their inability to win on the road, and the Rapids leapfrog Real Salt Lake and Minnesota United FC in the standings.