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Colorado Rapids Practice Notes: June 7

A week off will give some players a little more time to recover from injuries.

Nana and Azira take a little break during a hot practice session.
John A. Babiak - @Photog_JohnB

I don’t really think we can put too much stock into practice today since the guys have off this weekend, but I do have some updates and news to share.

Shkelzen Gashi

Gashi wasn’t practicing today, and it sounds like he may be dealing with a hamstring issue. Hopefully he can rest up and be good to go by the time we face the Portland Timbers.

Bismark Adjei-Boateng

Nana was actively participating in drills with a trainer. And not just tapping the ball back and forth, lots of moving and playing the ball. A good sign!

Axel Sjoberg and Jared Watts

Both were participating in the team scrimmages - also a good sign!

Kortne Ford

Kort was jogging around the field and then went back in early. I haven’t heard anything about an injury, so I’m not sure what’s going on*. I’ll see what he’s up to next week.

Mohammed Saeid

Mo continues to push hard and is right in there with everyone else, despite fasting during the day for Ramadan. He juked Alan Gordon at practice, so he’s definitely keeping up.

John Berner

Berner burned (ha - get it?) everyone in sprints. Twice. Maybe we need to get him off the bench and in our front line ;)

Pablo Mastroeni

We’ve been seeing Pablo putting on a pinny and actively participating in practice more this year, and today he was running around on a team with some of the younger guys during the scrimmages. From this perspective, he’s able to do more hands-on teaching.

John A. Babiak - @Photog_JohnB

*UPDATE: John Meyer of the Denver Post reported that Kort has a “foot injury” and that Gashi will be out for a few weeks.