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Player Ratings: Colorado Rapids vs LA Galaxy

The Rapids deployed a new starting XI. Let’s see how they played.

MLS: Los Angeles Galaxy at Colorado Rapids Isaiah J. Downing-USA TODAY Sports

It was a tail a two halves for the Colorado Rapids on Wednesday night. In the first 45 minutes, there were chances galore and the Burgundy Boys looked like the better team. Unfortunately, they could only put one past the keeper, so they went into half tied 1-1. In the second half, the Rapids lost a number of second balls and spent much of the half defending, and they ultimately lost 3-1. Without further ado, here is how everyone played.

Tim Howard (GK): 6

While all three of the goals were not his fault, it would have been nice to see at least one great save. The first was a long range strike off the post, so that would have required a great save. On the second, Howard got very close in a reactionary effort, but the ball just missed his right arm. The third was a cheeky PK down the middle, and those always embarrass a goalie at least a little. He did make a few solid saves, including a nice diving effort in a ball curing back post in the second half, but we honestly would have been more disappointed if he didn’t make any of the saves he made.

Marlon Hairston (RB): 6.5

I feel like Marlon really grew into this game. He struggled to make much of a name for himself in the first half offensively, but he was still fairly solid on defense. Towards the end of the game, he had a few very dangerous crosses, including one that skipped through to Kevin Doyle (which Doyle ultimately missed). All in all, I would like to see a little better job applying pressure and defending from Marlon, but his offensive attributes and speed at RB do a fair job of making up for it while he grows into the position.

Kortne Ford (CB): 5.5

Ford was very active in the first half and won a number of 50-50 balls, and that continued for a fair amount of the second half. In all honesty, I think he may have been the best member of the back line for 89 minutes and 55 seconds. Then came those other five seconds. He mistakenly over-committed on Bradford Jamieson IV and took him down in the box. This led to a penalty kick, and the third goal, which made the game feel more or less out of reach. It was only one mistake, but it is one you really cannot make at this level and it just seemed way too easy for Jamieson. Ford was also beat off the dribble a few other times in the second half.

Axel Sjoberg (CB) : 5.5

Like with Ford, Sjoberg made the kind of mistake that you just can’t make at the professional level. He turned the ball over when he was essentially the last defender, and the Rapids were left picking the ball out of their own goal a few seconds later. Other than that, he had a few other turnovers on errant passes, but none were as dangerous. Defensively, he was pretty solid and had a decent game.

Mike da Fonte (LB): 6

Da Fonte didn’t necessarily do a whole bunch wrong throughout the game. He was decent on defense and made some solid passes, but he did not really do a whole bunch great either. On the second goal, he did get some distance on his header clearance, and the ensuing counter attack led to the goal. He was also beat on that play and allowed the cross that was eventually nudged in. Unfortunately, he also struggled to get up in the offensive end, so he was unable to really provide good service.

Dillon Serna (RM): 8

In his first start in a year, Serna was all over the place. In one of the first plays of the game, he put a 40-yard pass on a dime for Gatt. Later, he had a dangerous shot that forced a great save, and of course he scored a goal. Serna was making plays and getting into dangerous positions all night. Hopefully he gets another start soon.

Michael Azira (CM): 6

I thought Azira had a pretty typical game. He was solid on defense and pretty good on the ball. He really didn’t do anything terrible or spectacular. One major thing of note, he was able to avoid getting a yellow on some hard tackles, and he is one yellow away from a suspension.

Mohammad Saeid (CM): 5.5

I finally got my wish and Saeid started in the middle with Gatt and Serna on he flanks. Unfortunately, Saeid struggled. Typically known for his great passing, possession, and vision, Saeid missed a lot of passes and got the ball taken off his foot a few more times than I would have liked. Hopefully he gets another chance in the middle, but he will need to be better on the ball next time. Unfortunately, he left the game with a non-contact injury in the 68th minute.

Josh Gatt (LM): 7.5

Gatt was a danger for most of the game, and the only reason he didn’t get a higher score is because he couldn’t actually score. His runs drew in defenders and let him get the ball behind the defense. He also made some dangerous passes and just generally wreaked havoc on the LA defense. Unfortunately, it all lead to a number of wasted chances, and that is why he only gets a 7.5. If he starts scoring, however, he could prove to be a great asset.

Dominique Badji (ST): 6

Badji did some good things and some bad things. Early in the game, he had a great chance on a half volley from the top of the box, but he completely missed the goal. It would have been nice to at least see him put that on frame and force a save. Later in the half, however, he picked up an assist on his (accidental?) setup of Dillon Serna. An assist is an assist right? Over all, he had pretty good movement, but I would have liked to see him be a little more dangerous.

Kevin Doyle (ST): 7

Kevin Doyle has become a new player ever since the Rapids have gone to a 4-4-2. By having a striker partner, he has been given the opportunity to roam a little more and show off his passing. Wednesday night, he showed a ton of hustle during his time on the field and made a good number of nice passes along the way.

Dillon Powers (on for Saeid in the 68’): 6

Dillon had a pretty typical showing in his 22 minutes. He was okay on the ball and applied enough pressure in the middle. He also has played a number of games with Azira, so it was helpful to have that chemistry as an injury sub.

Caleb Calvert (on for Badji in the 68’): 5

Like last week, Calvert struggled to make anything happen in his sub appearance. He was not able to get on the ball very often, and when he did, it would not end in anything special. He is still young, so hopefully he can continue to grow from these experiences and develop into a good forward for the Rapids.

Alan Gordon (on for Doyle in the 68’): 7

Even though the game was pretty much out of reach when LA got their third goal, Gordon still put in a super effort. In his short time, he was able to cause a lot of problems, especially on crosses into the box. Even though he didn’t score, he looked like he was about to the whole time he was out there. He even should have drawn a PK of his own when Jelle van Damme put a shoe up by his face and should have been called for high kicking.