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Photo Gallery: Day 1 of US Men’s National Team in Denver

We had photographer John Babiak on the scene getting some shots of Day 1.

John A. Babiak - @Photog_JohnB

The US Men’s National Team arrived in Denver yesterday and took to the field for the first time this morning. Lucky for us, local photographer John Babiak spent his morning taking some photos for us (thank you, John!). If you haven’t noticed, John also takes pictures during the Rapids games, and we frequently use his photos in our posts here on the Burgundy Wave.

Tim Howard is feeling good, saying that his body has been “getting strong week by week.” He feels good about where he’s at, and says it’s about “rest, recovery, and getting on the field.” Even though he’s obviously used to traveling, he said it’s nice to have his “normal weekly routine.”

After Day 1, Arena said that “today was pretty light - 60 minutes. Letting them get a little used to the environmental challenges here, mainly altitude.” He said that the goalkeeping position is the least of his worries, and that Tim Howard is his number keeper right now. He feels like the team has their head a little bit above water now, but they are “far from being where we want to be.”