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Tim Howard “interviewed” by comedian Judah Friedlander

The self-proclaimed Greatest Soccer Player Interviewer talked to a few MLS All-Stars in a newly released video.

Screenshot from the video -

To celebrate SeatGeek’s partnership with MLS, they got comedian Judah Friedlander (the self-proclaimed Greatest Soccer Player Interviewer) to ask some MLS All-Stars important questions like “who would you rather have as a teammate - Beyoncé or Taylor Swift?”

Our very own Tim Howard makes an appearance, and he even loosens up a little bit. And laughs! (Maybe it’s just me, but Howard usually seems quite serious in interviews.)

I thought it was going to be gimmicky or not at all funny, but I actually laughed out loud a couple times.

Check out the video for yourself here or below (it’s just over two minutes):

Also, I have to say that I’m kind of jealous of Judah Friedlander. If anyone else planned to interview professional athletes in that outfit, they would probably assume we were homeless and ask us to leave immediately.