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Why I’m a fan of the Colorado Rapids

The Burgundy Wave staff shares their fan stories to celebrate the new look of SB Nation. (And we’re having a contest!)

John A. Babiak - @Photog_JohnB

Welcome to the refreshed Burgundy Wave! To celebrate the new look and feel of our sports communities, we’re sharing stories of how and why we became fans of our favorite teams. If you’d like to do the same, head over to the FanPosts to begin. We’re collecting all of the stories here. Come Fan With Us!

It’s not always easy to be a Colorado Rapids fan, but most of us stick with the team no matter what - through thick or thin, we bleed burgundy. Seasons like last year make it a little easier. Seasons like this one make it a little more difficult. But we all have our reasons for loving this team, so here are the reasons why the BW staff sticks around year after year.


My family and I moved to Colorado in 2011. We had no rooting interest in any of the local teams, and I had lived in exile of Los Angeles for five years already. I'm a devout Dodger fan, so the Rockies were out. Plus, having gone to a few Rockies games, the team didn't seem to have much of a real hold on fans here - it seemed like most folks at Coors Field really enjoyed the weather and the beer; the game was incidental. I find football and hockey far too violent for me, so the Broncos and Avalanche were out.

So in 2013 I took my family to a soccer game out in Commerce City. I'd been to soccer matches in Israel when I lived there, and I'd tuned in to MLS now and then in the Bay Area. Early mornings with the baby in 2010 had me up at 4 am, and thank God the English Premier league was on to give me something to do while I rocked the boy back to sleep.

It was a beautiful July day. The Rapids were playing New England, and they had this Asian dude with a ponytail that just had the ball stuck to his foot in a magical way. The game was exciting, the crowd seemed into it. People seemed nice. I really liked it. I've been coming ever since.

John Rosch

In November 2012, my partner and my daughter were struck by a car in a crosswalk. Both suffered concussions and our lives have not been the same since. But Pablo Mastroeni helped us... and he does not even know it. Read the whole story here.


I came to a Rapids game at the end of 2013, a 2-1 win to the Rapids. We enjoyed the atmosphere, came to a couple of other games in 2013. We decided to purchased season tickets for 2014. My boys were still in elementary school and we had opportunities for them to get on the field and even hold the flag at the start of games. It became a time where my boys and I could be a part of a soccer family through all the ups and downs.

Richard Terry

I am a Colorado Rapids fan because Colorado is my home state. I grew up a big fan of the Denver sports teams. Therefore, when the Rapids were one of the original MLS expansion sides, I was very excited to be able to support a professional soccer team from my home state. I graduated college in 2007 and became a season ticket holder for the Rapids in 2008 at Dick's Sporting Goods Park. I have had my full season tickets ever since. Come on you Rapids!

Keith Buderus

I was born and raised in Colorado, so naturally the Rapids were an easy choice when soccer became more popular after the 1994 World Cup. Growing up playing the game my rooting interests began when the Rapids were formed. I remember games in all three stadiums and have seen this club progress. Someday I believe the United States will have a strong soccer culture where there is not an empty seat and clubs have season ticket waiting lists. I will follow the club the entire way.


I grew up in Las Vegas and for the longest time we had didn't have a professional sports team. People in Vegas longed for fandom and when I came to Denver I found what I was looking for.

The team was lovable, they felt part of the community, so I started immersing myself in Rapids history. This team is now intertwined with my life so much, the only colors I wear are burgundy, blue, or gold.

Abbie Mood

I grew up in Delaware as a fan of Philadelphia sports, and moved to Southern California before the Union existed. We never really got on board with the Galaxy (thank god), so when we moved to Colorado in 2011, the Rapids were a natural choice. Because I played soccer in high school, soccer has always had a special place in my heart, and I especially love that the Rapids’ players are so friendly and accessible.

There’s no bad seat in the stadium, and you never feel like you’re really that far away from the action, which is a fun experience. Even though Dick’s isn’t in the city, I kind of like that about it - it’s easy to get to, easy to park (and it’s free!), and usually pretty easy to get out after a game.

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