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Colorado Rapids Practice Notes: May 15

A couple updates heading into a double game week.

Josh Gatt at practice earlier this season.
John A. Babiak @Photog_JohnB

I typically try to go to practice later in the week because Mondays are mostly for shaking things out after the weekend’s game. Many of the guys who played all 90 minutes that week either don’t come out to the practice field, or only stay out for a few minutes. Today was their only practice in town this week, so not a ton to update you on, but I do have a few nuggets worth sharing.

Axel Sjoberg

As I mentioned last week, Sjoberg is fully participating in practice. Today I saw that he is doing all of the drills and seems to have no movement restrictions. I would guess all he needs to do is get fit enough to make it for a full 90, and we’ll see him back on the pitch. Maybe 2-3 weeks? (That’s a complete guess.)

UPDATE: Axel is traveling with the team this week, so maybe we will see him sooner rather than later.

Marlon Hairston

Marly was only out for a few minutes, but he was hanging out with Eric Miller and Dillon Powers. I might be reading too much into it, but perhaps this is a sign that he’s going to be showing up at right fullback again? (Keep an eye out for an article on this topic tomorrow!)

Josh Gatt

Last week, a couple people asked about Gatt. First, he is also fully participating in all drills and scrimmages, so it doesn’t seem that his knee is an issue. During scrimmaging, he was on the team with other bench guys like Sam Hamilton and Mike da Fonte. During practice, he does fine, but doesn’t stand out in the same way as Caleb Calvert does, for example.

Kevin Doyle

When the team scrimmaged 5v5, Doyle was the 5th player for both sides. He was getting worked today. I would expect that either he or Alan Gordon will start on Wednesday and then the other will start on Saturday. Either way, I’m really hoping we get to see Doyle at the top of the 4-4-2 with Dominique Badji.