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New indoor facility for Colorado Rapids Youth Teams to open in August

The youth teams will have a fancy new facility for year-round training.

Photo used with permission from Colorado Rapids Youth Soccer Club

Last week, the Colorado Rapids Youth Soccer Club announced their plan to open a 41,000 square foot indoor facility for CRYSC players in August. According to the official announcement:

“Within this new space, we will be able to continue to create a fun and well-rounded experience for players by providing them with on-field training, off-field classrooms, SAQ (speed, agility, quickness) training, injury recovery and prevention, weight training, and cutting edge soccer technology within the 41,000 sq/ft facility. Rapids Youth Soccer players will have access to the facility year-round, with our Competitive teams training in the facility part-time in-season and off-season.”

It looks pretty sweet to me. Take a look:

Photo used with permission from Colorado Rapids Youth Soccer Club

The team believes that using the small-sided fields will make it easier for players to work on specific skills, and puts an emphasis on speed and tactical skills. CRYSC felt that it was important for the youth squads to have an accessible place to practice year round.

With the development of the new facility, the youth soccer club will expand their offerings to include toddle programs for two-year-olds, new leagues for all ages and ability levels, and camps and clinics (including both in- and off-season training for goalkeepers).

It sounds like this is nothing but good news for current and future youth club members. The new facility is being paid for through new programming, sponsorships, and a capital campaign, so there will be no increase in current fees.

The Colorado Rapids Youth Soccer Club Indoor Facility will be located at 111 Havana Street in Aurora.