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Standing for the Fords: Picture Gallery

Some great moments as fans and friends came together to support Laurie and Kortne Ford this past Friday.

MLS: Vancouver Whitecaps FC at Colorado Rapids Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

It was truly wonderful for fans to come together last Saturday to give support to Laurie Ford during her renewed battle with cancer. It allowed us to put aside the current struggles of the club and unite as a fan base around something.

Soccer fandom is first and foremost a form of entertainment for the fans. But what makes soccer supporters different from fans of other American sports is that soccer is a community. We might have played the sport locally as kids, or schlepped our own kids to games around town, just like the Armstrongs and the Sernas and the Fords. We don’t just buy a ticket, yell a little, and go home: we get beers with our fellow fans for away games and host FIFA tournaments and write fan blogs and connect through the Rapids. We are bound up with the club and its players, and when we support our fellow Rapids in rough times, we help to build and strengthen those bonds.

Anyhow, enjoy these pictures from the Burgundy Wave two-pole build and the 24th minute #StandForTheFords .

How to make a two-pole. First, borrow a projector from work and trace your pattern.
Rapids Rabbi
Next, assemble a dope crew and provide them with paint and free beer. Pictured: Matt, Jose B, Richard T, & Meg.
Rapids Rabbi
Also, make sure Joan D. is there. All Rapids-related events must be sanctioned by Joan.
Rapids Rabbi
The final touches.
Rapids Rabbi
Joan Dobrzynski with Rapids Rabbi.
Meghan Kavanaugh
The view from Section 117.
Rapids Rabbi
MLS: Vancouver Whitecaps FC at Colorado Rapids
The finished product on display in the 24th minute.
Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports
Laurie Ford in the 24th minute.
Screencap from Altitude Broadcast
Kortne Ford stands and applauds the fans.
Screencap from Altitude broadcast.
Keep fighting Laurie!
Screenshot from Altitude broadcast on 5/5/17

The two-pole banners are now in the possession of C38, and anyone that sits in 117 (or just happens to wander by) is free to display them. Sometime in the future, hopefully we can present them to Kort.

If you haven’t already, don’t forget to help Laurie out by giving a little at their gofundme page.