Minnesota United FC// 1-0 \\Colorado Rapids

Before I talk about the game, I wan to say that I will do this game recap for every rapids game. I hope you enjoy my articles!

This match... Was hard to watch, disappointing, and at times, boring. If you missed the game, the rapids certainly could have done better.

For the life of me, I have no idea why Badji chipped that the way he did. Yes Shuttleworth was off his line and taking the lower part of the net, but no need to hit it that high. If you haven't seen the highlights, Dom Badji was set up by a beautiful cross but hit the bar 3 yards out.

The Minnesota goal, you just have to tilt you hat. I was trying to find something the rapids did wrong, I just couldn't see anything. What a thunderous volley. MacMath shpuld have dealt with that better is the only thing I see wrong. Him not being able to do that is what results in this goal. The double diving header reminds me of our own Kevin Doyle.

MacMath really kept us in this game, which was good to see. Kortne Ford once agian made a huge impression on me as our future center back partner with the "Big Axe."

The referee's decisions tonight were confusing for me. I understand the constant infringement, but I think you should only show the yellow for a deserving play.

The rapids could have won this one, but didn't generate enough chances. Now we are last place in the West and hurting for Axel to come back from injury.

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