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Burgundy Wave Fantasy Recap: Week 7

We’re coming up on a double game week!

Atletico And Real Fans Prepare For Champions League Final in Madrid Photo by Gonzalo Arroyo Moreno/Getty Images

Round 7 has come and gone and I may have jinxed the Colorado Rapids by saying that I had a good feeling this week. After I opened my big mouth, Tim Howard got a ridiculous three-game suspension. Eighty minutes into a game that looked well in hand, Jared Watts got a red card for a PK that Yura Movsisyan converted, and then Brooks Lennon slotted home a game winner. I will be keeping my mouth shut this week.

Rapids disaster aside, there were some very exciting games last week. Chicago Fire ran over New England Revolution, David Villa scored the longest goal in MLS history, and the Loons looked resilient in Houston. Overall there were 29 goals scored this round, with plenty of opportunities to score fantasy points!

BW League Standings after Week 7

Classic League

No movement up top here - the first four stayed the same, everyone is keeping pace. But Holy Shipp, Nirdaya Prahaar, and Clove Rovers FC all jumped multiple spots this week, putting Holy Shipp just five points behind the top four! Best performance this week goes to Charlie Hoffmann with 87 points. David Villa was his captain, and with the clean sheet in Kansas city and in New York, Charlie scored well on both ends of the field.

If you find yourself lower than you’d like in the rankings, Round 7 is a Double Game Week (New England and San Jose play on Wednesday), which is a good opportunity to double your points and jump multiple positions.

Head to Head League

Counting Cronins is still atop the table with six wins! Sounderland FC and Los Pollos Hermanos are on her tail, also with six wins. The top five teams are undefeated, but how long will that last? A loss at this point in the season is not going to be devastating, but the standings could use a shake up! Can anyone take advantage of the Double Game Week to take the number one spot?

Biggest Busts

Fanedo Adi only pulled in two points this week, as Sporting Kansas City’s defense is apparently no joke, pulling a clean sheet on the most powerful offense in the league. Portland will be playing Vancouver in Round 8, so look for Adi to bounce back.

Cody Cropper let in three goals against Chicago, giving New England the largest gap between scoring at home and away. My suggestion: play Revolution players when they are at home and pass when they are away. In Round 6 Cropper, pulled in eight points against Houston at home and only one point against Chicago away.

Biggest Value Picks

Nemanja Nikolic was only picked by 1.7% of managers and he is in good form. In Round 6 he had 9 points, and in Round 7 he scored two goals and had 12 points. He is a higher priced forward ($9.6) but if he is going to continue this form he may be worth the money.

Jimmy Medranda is the most consistent defender in the league right now, coming off of a 13-point round and shutting down Fanendo Adi and the Portland Timbers, Medranda should be a mainstay in your defensive line.

Players to look to in Round 8

You now have the possibility to double up with more players than just your captain. New England and San Jose are playing in the Wednesday game, then again over the weekend. This gives you an interesting strategic decision. Knowing that the Revolution play very differently home vs away do you bet on players like Lee Nguyen and Kei Kamara to put away multiple goals this round, or do you trust the defense of San Jose to have a clean sheet our two?

Whatever you decide, make sure you lock in your lineups by 5:30 PM MDT Wednesday night!

As always follow @Burgundywave for your fantasy news, make sure you glance at the injury report, and remember that Jared Watts and Tim Howard will be out next week.

Good luck this week, it’s going to be a busy one!