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Burgundy Wave Fantasy Recap: Week 1

Catch up on the winners and losers of Week 1 in MLS Fantasy soccer.

Wales v Portugal - Semi Final: UEFA Euro 2016
When you’ve gotta check your fantasy scores and games scores at the same time.
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Week one of fantasy had its ups and downs, with some huge value picks and some major busts. But luckily, week one was more or less a practice round because going into week two the points will be reset (for the MLS/Colorado Rapids league). So if you didn’t have a great week, there is still hope.

This week the focus for us here will be on the classic league, since the head-to-head doesn’t start until week two.

BW Classic League Standings after Week 1

Week one has gone to Blue Suede Sjoberg. With a strong showing from Zac MacMath, Fenando Adi, and his captain Diego Valeri, Eric’s team scored 103 points (double the average)!

The top 6 teams in the league this week had two similarities: they all had Adi and Valeri. Most of the top teams made Valeri their captain, which turned out to be a smart choice.

Going into week one, the conventional wisdom would tell us to bet on the attack, but other than Portland/Minnesota 5-1, goals were hard to come by. The top scorers in week one were Valeri, Adi, and Anibal Godoy: all attacking players. The next nine players were all defenders or goalkeepers.

Biggest value picks from Week 1

MacMath scored 10 points, and for just $4.5, that’s not bad! Made a few stops and was totally worth the money, but he won’t be there long once Howard takes over. Until then, keep an eye on Zac.

Christian Dean the Vancouver Whitecaps defender cost $4.5, and scored 11 points this week. He was only picked by only 0.4% of teams. I’m not sold on any Whitecaps defender to continue to score well, but keep in mind match-ups, and watch Vancouver defenders.

Biggest Busts

Sebastian Giovinco was selected by 42.3% of teams this week, and was the most expensive player at $12. He received a yellow card and missed a penalty, and only scored one fantasy point this week. No question, he was the biggest bust of this week. I don’t think he is worth the money, but with unlimited transfers I will pick him up when Toronto plays Minnesota in May.

Ignacio Piatti was selected by 27.9% of teams, and cost $10. His lack of production was because of San Jose’s dominating play. In the 66th minute Montreal received a red card and dropped down to 10 men. The Impact were holding on for dear life most of the game. Piatti earned two points for playing the 90 minutes and one point for being fouled. Moving forward he will perform, week one was not a strong week for him.

Lessons learned from Week 1

With the unlimited transfers this year, you need to look at the match-ups and pick your defense based on where you think the clean sheets will come. I personally will be selling out every week on this. Going forward I will be picking any goalkeeper going against Minnesota until they can show me some scoring ability.

Portland’s attack really stood out to me this week. Even though two goals came in garbage time, five goals are hard to ignore. Going up against LA I will probably start both Adi and Valeri.

I don’t know about you guys, but I am pumped for the head-to-head league. Keep a close eye on the injury lists going into the roster lock. Kaka is an issue, and Ole Kamara needs to be watched as well. If Howard plays in Week 2 MacMath won’t have any value.

Who were your biggest performers and biggest busts in Week 1?