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Join the Burgundy Wave MLS fantasy league

We’ve got two options! And prizes!

MLS: Colorado Rapids at New York City FC
These kids are obviously setting their fantasy squads before the game.
Vincent Carchietta-USA TODAY Sports

With the Colorado Rapids home opener less than a week away, it’s time to get your MLS Fantasy team together. If you’ve never played in a fantasy league before, it’s fun. Stressful, but fun, and it’s a great way to learn about other teams and other players. If nothing else, you get bragging rights if you win (well, and swag, but more about that later).

To learn more about what you’re getting yourself into before making a commitment, check out Fantasy Soccer 101.

Ready to sign up? Great.

This year, we have two options - a classic league and a head-to-head league.

The classic league is what you’ve probably played before or heard of before - you get points each week over the course of the season, and that determines the “playoffs” or the winner(s). A head-to-head league is where you only have to beat your opponent for that week. Points don’t carry over (but wins do).

Our head-to-head league was organized by @cinhosa and he has even ponied up an authentic brand spanking new away kit for the winner! We’ll have some sort of something for the winner of the classic league, too, but that’s TBD (but I can tell you it will probably not be a jersey).

To join our leagues:

1. Go to and sign up

2. Click on “leagues”

3. Click “create and join new leagues”

4) Enter the codes 7818-1612 (classic) and 13626-2655 (head-to-head)

5) Pick a Starting XI and you’re all set!

Tweet us @BurgundyWave or let us know in the comments if you have any problems.

Good luck!