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3 Reasons why Nana Adjei-Boateng and Alan Gordon will be a lethal combo

Look for this duo to run the Colorado Rapids in the 2017 season.

Alan Gordon at a preseason practice at Dick’s Sporting Goods Park.
John A. Babiak @photog_johnb

Two of the largest acquisitions for the Colorado Rapids this offseason were Bismark "Nana" Adjei-Boateng from Manchester City and Alan Gordon from the LA Galaxy. These two bring constant and consistent aerial assaults, and this is a combination that the Colorado Rapids have been missing for quite some time. The Rapids will have a much more dangerous offense this year than last season.

Will these additions to the team be enough to help the Rapids win it all? I believe that they will - both of these players are known for respected skill sets, and will absolutely improve the Colorado Rapids for this upcoming season. Here are a few reasons as to why these two will transform the Rapids into a championship contender.

1. Aerial Threat

With the addition of Alan Gordon, the Rapids will be more dangerous inside of the box and in front of the goal. Gordon is known for his ability to be a bruiser in the box, and is also known for his clutch late goals.

Nana Boateng will also be a vital factor when it comes to the improved aerial threat, as he is known as a player who is explosive with the ball, not to mention a fantastic (and dangerous) first touch. He loves to play the ball into the box towards the opponent’s net, and pairing with Gordon will result in plenty of goals for the Rapids.

2. Clutch Ability

Both of these players are touted for their ability to come clutch in late game situations. Boateng will be sure to utilize his speed and fitness to put in late goals for the Rapids. Gordon will look to utilize his size to battle in front of the net, and get himself into a good position to put the ball into the back of the net.

3. Offensive Options

For a team to be deadly in the MLS, it’s important to be unpredictable. With the addition of Boateng and Gordon, the Rapids gain this important factor because they now have multiple offensive options. They’ve gained deadly speed up the side of field, the lethal ability to cross the ball into the box, and also being able to finish the play.

Along with this, the Rapids have the ability to force themselves into the box. If the Rapids use their speed to being the rush, Gordon can use his big frame to gain control of the ball inside of the box and finish off the play for the Rapids.

Do you think these two will be key players in the offense in 2017? Would you add anything to this list?