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4 Advantages for fans of MLS teams

We should be glad the Colorado Rapids are in MLS.

John. A Babiak @Photog_JohnB

By and large, I'm glad that the Colorado Rapids play in Major League Soccer. Yes, when it comes to our soccer, many fans (not supporters, fans) prefer to watch a brand of European soccer and all the particulars that come with it.

But as for me and my house, it's the Rapids first and foremost. And they've benefited from being in MLS.

1. Personally, I'm pumped that the off-season is so short—a benefit share with all soccer leagues. The National Football (Handegg) League and Major League Baseball have a six-month offseason (at least for those in the Super Bowl and the World Series—seven for the rest of those respective leagues). MLS? The Rapids season ended around 4:00 pm MT on Sunday, November 27. It shall begin (gloriously) on Saturday, March 4th at 4:00 pm MT. That's a span of three months and five days—or, shall we say, 97 days! (Of course, this break was shorter than others thanks to the playoff run, but it’s still shorter than what other leagues have.)

2. I'm glad the Rapids are in MLS and not the Premier League or Bundesliga for two reasons: first, they gave Pablo Mastroeni a boatload more time than any EPL team would have (calling Bob Bradley, anyone?). Mastroeni would have been shown the door before the 2014 season ended. Secondly, if the Rapids had been in any other league, they would be relegated to the USL in 2014. Given the parity of MLS, any team has a chance to go from worst to first, or...

3. ... From first to worst? We have to prepare ourselves that this season could land us middle of the pack. That's the double-edged sword of parity. Keep in mind, however, that (as has been noted in numerous spots), the scuttlebutt from the rest of the league is that the Rapids are loaded and will prove a handful in 2017. (What do I think? I think we are playoff-bound. We've got some serious talent on this team. We'll have some good times this year. Maybe not going all year without a loss at home, but it'll be close.)

4. With the hype machine in full force, if Atlanta United doesn't win the MLS Cup, it'll be a failed season. After all, they have the most exciting side in MLS history. Imagine when they actually take the pitch in for realsies! How wonderful will it be to see the Rapids whip them 4-0!

Nineteen more days until we plant our posteriors at DSGP.

Bring it!