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Backpass: Scenes from a Finale

Even when the soccer wasn’t memorable, there are lots of other things from this year that were. Like tifo.

Marly dances with C38 at the south end one last time this year.
John Babiak, @Photog_JohnB

I’ve written about 7000 words this week about soccer, so this Backpass will be brief.

(Many of you are like ‘Thank God, Rabbi, you talk too much.’ You should meet my poor wife.)

Colorado got their early goal and dug in for the next 87 minutes to get a win. I particularly enjoyed Steve Cooke putting on Bobby Burling in the 83rd minute to be an extra center back, playing something like a 5-4-1 or a 4-1-4-1, in order to lock it down and close it out.

Burling directs traffic in the center of the pitch, as the Rapids close it out with 10 behind the ball.

I’m fine with park-the-bus football, with negative football, with Catenaccio football. Whatever works. I also like seeing the many different looks Coach Cooke has tried over his stretch as Interim Manager.

As SouthStands pointed out yesterday, we were outshot 30-2 yesterday and still won! Pretty ridiculous. And now RSL need a win along with two other favorable results next Sunday to get into the playoffs.

Beating your rival and causing them sincere misery is pretty sweet, ain’t it?

Scenes from a Finale, Pt. 1

The Colorado Rapids did a lovely job of thanking the fans for sticking by them in a losing season this past week in all their messaging. Coach Steve Cooke did as well in his comments post game. But the man who said it best was the captain himself, Tim Howard.

“It’s been a tough season. Anybody who bought a ticket to this game and put their butts in the seats, they’re down for us, because it’s been hard.”

The players also stuck around after the whistle for a while to thank their fans, which was appreciated. Many of us remember last year’s very odd and pained ending to the year, when the Rapids, after being eliminated in the Western Conference Final, were totally emotionally spent and just slumped off to the locker room without saying a proper goodbye to the fans. Meanwhile, a made-for-tv stage flanked with rave green confetti cannons was set up for a trophy lift, telegraphing the intent clearly: today is not about the Rapids, its all about the Sounders. That was a bummer, and I’m glad the fans got closure on this most disappointing season with a proper goodbye.

Scenes from a Finale, Pt. 2

Glad to see the last Rapids goal at DSGP in 2017 was celebrated with a FIFA18 video-game-quality celebration by Joshua Gatt. Hat tip to Paul C. for finding the right clip to make this gif.

Ride it, Josh.

Scenes from a Finale, Pt. 3

The beating heart of the Rapids is its fans. The beating heart of the fans has been illustrated by the folks behind C38’s tifos each year. They have been truly remarkable. Even when the play on the field has been less than stellar, you always knew you could look up at the north end and see a masterpiece above the pitch. From the viking ship in 2015 to the 2016 Andy Capp “Keep Fighting” that became a legend, they are stunning and make me love this club. This past week’s clipper ship was another triumph.

Here’s a gallery, working backwards from last week, of some of Centennial 38’s (and others, *wink*) recent memorable masterpieces, even in less-than-memorable seasons.

2017 Finale: Though the sea is dark and stormy, tomorrow dawn will break bright

2017 Special Olympics Tifo

2017 July 4: Blinky the Clown Flag

@btyphoto ,c/o Richard Fleming , @Flemingsport

2017 Two-Sticks for the Fords

2017 Opener: All will tremble

Andy Cross, Denver Post,

2016 Playoff Tifo

2016 Rocky Mountain Cup - Keep Fighting Tifo

2016 Opener: Lucha Libre

2015 Finale: What is dead may never die

2015 Opener: The Viking Ship

Keep sailin’ friends. See you at DSGP in another five months.