Sunday games vs NFL

I have never under stood why teams in the same city make me choose my fandom between sports. I am a SPORTS fan, not just a soccer or football fan. So why does the MLS make me choose late in the year? This has been something that has always bugged me as a season ticket holder.

The MLS does come out with there schedule first, but sense March how many of the Rapids games have been on Sunday. Two, one here and one away both in April. Now that October has rolled around there are two more games on Sunday and the home game is in the same time slot as the Broncos game. Its aggravating and seems like they are saying I am either a soccer fan or a football fan. MLS you will lose, this is a Broncos town and why should I make that choice, I want to cheer for both.

So what to do?

In my opinion the MLS needs to stop scheduling games late in the year on Sunday! Don't give me scheduling conflicts and unless its on nationally, TV isn't the issue either. Why not open your arms to all fans instead of giving ultimatums.

Further more, if the schedule is already out, KSE needs to petition to change it. This is my third year as a season ticket holder and this is the third time it has happened. How about showing me your appreciation by not making me choose before I even show up (and I'm not sure I will).

Counter point

So you might be saying, well why doesn't the NFL avoid the MLS. It would be nice. Also, they need to give back the name football. It makes logical sense.

In principle, I agree.

But the NFL is far to big to care, if this was the EPL, then they would. I realize the MLS aspires to become the EPL (with a more reasonable contract structure) but its not right now. Also, Sundays in the fall are the NFLs in this country.

I realize this is one small problem but one that would be nice to get over. Lets see what you think and if anyone could pass it along to someone high up at KSE, it would be greatly appreciated.

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