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What are the Burgundy Boys up to in the offseason?

Some are traveling, others are still playing, and one Colorado Rapid got married!

Richard Fleming

Over the last couple months, Rapids Rabbi and I have been scouring the internet on a regular basis for rumors and news bites, which (at least on my part) has including keeping up with the guys’ social media posts. Sometimes you learn some fun facts about your favorite player(s), and sometimes you find out that they are pretty much ready to leave the team.

The technical staff has been hard at work scouting talent and attending the draft, Rapids President Tim Hinchey earned Executive of the Year honors from both Mile High Sports and MLS, and Micheal Azira has been playing for his country. Beyond that, here’s what some of the other Burgundy Boys have been up to.

First, the most exciting news is that Jared Watts got married - Congratulations Jared & Ali!!!!

Meanwhile, Gashi has been spending his time riding 4-wheelers through the desert...

Having fun in the desert #Gashi #SG11

A photo posted by Shkelzen Gashi (@s_gashi) on

... and cruising around on a (his???) yacht.

☀️#Gashi #Dubai #SG11

A photo posted by Shkelzen Gashi (@s_gashi) on

Axel Sjoberg clearly spent a month’s salary at Under Armour.

Bobby Burling made a new friend in Thailand...

A little dap from my girl before heading to the next stop #ChiangMai

A photo posted by Bobby Burling (@bobbybur) on

... and met up with an old friend in Ireland.

Dennis Castillo is also hanging out in the tropics, celebrating the new year in Costa Rica.

Tim Howard has been spending quality time with his kids, and supporting his favorite handegg* team, the Giants. Well, until they lost to Green Bay ;) *credit to @storminmay for introducing me to the term ‘handegg’

Here we come GB........ Let's Goooooooooo!!!!!

A photo posted by Tim Howard (@timhow1) on

Marc Burch has been spending time with his fam in Cincinatti.

The nephews and a nature walk, perfect day

A photo posted by Marc (@burch8) on

Marlon Hairston (among others) signed a new contract!!!

Dillon Serna is putting in work to get fit for 2017 (Who else is psyched for this guy to come back, btw?).

Love the grind ⚽️

A photo posted by Dillon Serna (@dillon1710) on

Dillon Powers is working on his hair game (and maybe his soccer game, too).

Never forget where you came from. I love training with these two. @realsuperiorathletics

A photo posted by powerhour5 (@powerhour5) on

Eric Miller took it back to the 90s and put on a pair of quads.

90s flashback for the new Miller family Christmas tradition. #weusedtorollattherink

A photo posted by Eric Miller (@emillller) on

Mekeil Williams and Dominique Badji are probably Facetiming right now.

you made my day bro @badji14 ?? @_marlyg94 @bobbybur @_nash10

A photo posted by Mekeil Williams (@mekeil_williams_5) on

Did I miss anyone?