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Player Ratings: Colorado Rapids at New England Revolution, Sept. 3, 2016

A disappointing performance by the Rapids leads to some interesting ratings. Check out how they rated and let us know if your thoughts.

MLS: Colorado Rapids at New England Revolution
Sam Cronin and Diego Fagundez fight over the ball in their match on Saturday.
Winslow Townson-USA TODAY Sports

The Colorado Rapids went on to Foxboro and were lucky, lucky only to lose by a score of 2-0 to the New England Revolution. The Revolution, in addition to their two goals, put two balls off the post. One of those was by a penalty kick.

The Rapids did not generate much offense in this match. The Rapids took 14 shots, but only put two on target. I think both of those were registered by Dillon Powers, who was the only Rapids player to manage any thing offensively in this match.

Juan Agudelo opened the scoring early in the match with a goal in the 12th minute after some horrid defending by the Rapids. I wonder if Eric Miller remembers that he needs to be goal-side on players he is defending.

Chris Tierney scored the second goal for the Revolution and the Rapids were completely out-of-sorts. The midfielders did not drop back, which forced Eric Miller to step up and that opened up Tierney all alone on the wing. Just not good.

Powers as the only Rapids player who generated any thing for the Rapids as I mentioned earlier. He forced two good saves from Brad Knighton. Kevin Doyle was no where near finding the net or getting a good shot off.

Here is how I saw the match.

Zac MacMath - 5 (4.46): Zac didn't have a bad match, but didn't have a good one either. He did bring down Kelyn Rowe down in the box for a Revolution penalty kick. Luckily the PK was missed.

Marc Burch - 5 (5.38): Burch was much more advanced all evening in an attempt to advance the Rapids offense. But that did not equate into any goals. Not a bad job defensively.

Bobby Burling - 4 (5.15): Burling got burned in the first half with Axel Sjoberg that was eventually a penalty kick. They were just too far apart on the backline. He could have done better on the first goal also. But did deliver a point to Gershon Koffie in stoppage time.

Axel Sjoberg - 4 (4.08): Same thing for Sjoberg as Burling. Just out of position on the first goal. They were also too narrow on the second goal. Just not a good game for the backline.

Eric Miller - 3 (3.77): Just a poor match for Miller. Players make mistakes throughout every match. Unfortunately Miller's led to two goals. He first was on the wrong side of the player for the first goal and on the second goal he stepped up into the middle, leaving the left side open for Tierney to score.

Sam Cronin - 3 (5.08): Cronin was lucky not to pick up a second yellow card in this match though he may still hear from the disciplinary committee. Failed to track Rowe through the middle that led to the penalty kick. Was trapped on the sideline for second goal leaving the middle open.

Micheal Azira - 4 (4.92): Not a bad match overall and he made some good defensive plays. But he was out of position on his player for the first goal and the lead up for the second goal. He was too narrow with Cronin along the sideline, leaving the middle wide open.

Sebastian Le Toux - 2 (4.15): He was on the pitch? I just don't remember him touching the ball that much or evening being that involved in the match.

Dillon Powers - 7 (4.54): Powers was good in this match and did well getting into position. He got two good shots on goal that forced some good saves. If one or both of those go in the result of this match may have been different.

Dominique Badji - 4 (4.31): Almost like Le Toux, he was not too into this match. But not as uninvolved as Le Toux was. He got one shot off and was offsides twice. One of those offsides was preventable, he just got lazy standing wide.

Kevin Doyle - 4 (4.08): Doyle doesn't score again and this is becoming a stuck record. A few times he seemed to be in position to get a good shot off but took that extra touch and killed that opportunity. He has to keep dropping to get the ball and that brings him out of scoring position, not good for your striker.


Marlon Hairston - 5 (4.77): Hairston came in the 58th minute for Le Toux. Though coming on to get a change of pace, he was not able to do that and was not involved that much in the match.

Caleb Calvert - 5 (4.38): He came on in the 78th minute for Azira. He was not able to do much, but did get a decent shot off.

That is how I saw the match. What are your thoughts?