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Four (positive) things to take away from #VANvCOL

Yes, there were mistakes and a disappointing end result, but there were some good things, too.

MLS: Colorado Rapids at Vancouver Whitecaps FC Jennifer Buchanan-USA TODAY Sports

I know, I know. The final score of 3-3 was a huge disappointment. We all thought the Colorado Rapids had in the bag, especially when the Vancouver Whitecaps went down a man. I’m still a little heartbroken about it, and I’ve been just as discouraged as every other Rapids fan lately.

BUT, I do think that there were some positives to take away from that game that give me a little hope.

1. Shkëlzen Gashi

The two-time Swiss Super League Golden Boot winner has been on fire over the last couple months. I don’t know why Pablo Mastroeni doesn’t start him in the #10 spot, but that’s another story. With his two goals last weekend, Gashi became the first player this season to have a multi-goal game.

2. We finally have some speed in the attack!

I have to say, I LOVE the Marlon Hairston/Dominique Badji duo - on and off the field. They have brought some much needed speed to the Rapids’ attack. Granted, Badji needs to work on his first touch a bit, but considering that he has scored two goals in the last three games, Badji seems to be gaining momentum. He may not have that many shots on goal, but if they go in when he does shoot it, that counts for something, right?

3. Pablo was pissed.

The post-game press conference was difficult to watch. PM did not look happy, and I thought he might actually just walk out, Cam Newton style. He definitely had a different demeanor than we typically see - while most other post-game press conferences had a we’ll just “keep fighting” attitude, this one was grim. Which might be exactly what the team needs to get going, but I would not have wanted to be in the locker room after that game.

4. We can still get a playoff berth this week. And it doesn’t depend on anyone else.

The last two weeks have been tough. We beat an unbeaten-at-home FC Dallas side to go back to DSGP and tie against the San Jose Earthquakes. Then we had another chance to clinch a playoff berth last week and everything fell into place (LA Galaxy lost at home and FC Dallas tied) except one minor detail - we needed to win. This week, the Rapids can clinch, and all they need is a win. Portland Timbers haven’t won a single away game this season, and the Rapids are unbeaten at home. This is the Rapids best chance so far to get that playoff spot. A win would also give the Rapids 51 points, tying the club record.

Did you take any positives from this game? Do you think the Rapids are going to be fired up, or are losing hope?