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2017 MLS logos announced

Most of the logos and crests stayed the same, but we did get to see the new teams.

Los Angeles Galaxy v Colorado Rapids Photo by Doug Pensinger/Getty Images

MLS recently announced the official 2017 logos and crests. While pretty much every current team stayed the same, we did get to see what the two new teams are coming out with. And then FOX Soccer ranked them all.

Atlanta FC comes in at 10th, according to FOX Soccer’s Nick Schwartz, using a similar color scheme to the Atlanta Falcons—red, black, and gold.

FOX Soccer

Minnesota United FC’s logo was also released, debuting at the #2 spot as “one of the best logos in soccer”. Meanwhile, I had to google the logo to figure out what kind of bird it is. It’s a loon. Apparently they are the Minnesota Loons. Am I the only one who didn’t know that? Probably.

FOX Soccer

The Colorado Rapids come in at a solid 11th place. Schwartz says they have “a great, if unoriginal” color combination.

FOX Soccer

Personally, I don’t think any team out there is doing anything all that crazy with their color combos, and as @storminmay so eloquently put it, LA Galaxy’s is “basic AF”. I have to agree. Yellow and blue is a classic color combination, but not anything impressive. I do agree that anything is an improvement over the original Galaxy logo, though.

In first place is Montreal Impact because their logo “has a depth that most other club’s logos don’t have.” I think it’s a little busy, but that’s none of my business.

FOX Soccer

Who do you think has the best logo in MLS? Should the Rapids’ rank be higher or lower?

All photos and quotes are from the FOX Soccer article, which you can find in its entirety here.