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Introducing Our New Managing Editor: Abbie Mood

I’ve got some big shoes to fill.

Abbie Mood

As you know, our fearless leader John recently stepped down as managing editor so that he could focus on his health. John and the rest of the Burgundy Wave team have accomplished some amazing things in the 18 months that he was managing editor, taking the blog from a small, dedicated following to the number one source for Colorado Rapids news with an even bigger, dedicated following. Lucky for us, he has agreed to still write something every now and then, so keep an eye out for his name every once in awhile.

To say he has left some big shoes to fill is an understatement. I now understand where John was coming from when he took over for Chris in 2015 and wrote about replacing a legend. It’s not an easy task to take over for someone who is so well-respected and such an amazing part of the BW community and team.

But I plan to give it my best shot, and I hope to make him and the rest of the BW staff proud. I am so very honored to be named the new managing editor of Burgundy Wave, and everyone has been so warm and welcoming. It also helps that BW already works like a well-oiled machine—the guys are great at what they do.

I’m a newer member of the BW team, but have been writing since 2009 and have been a Rapids fan since moving to Colorado in 2011. I write about MLS over on Unusual Efforts, and love finding unique ways to tell stories about players and the game. I also play goalkeeper in a weekly co-ed rec. league, so if you see any bias towards goalkeepers in my writing or on social media, I just can’t help myself ;) Really though, I’m super psyched to be here, and feel free to reach out anytime!

So what’s in the future for Burgundy Wave? Well, we plan to continue to put out great articles and cover all aspects of the Rapids, the Colorado Switchbacks, and our USL Pro Affiliate, the Charlotte Independence. We will continue to put out features that we hope will encourage discussion, like What Happened to the KSEOut Movement? and interviews that give you a behind-the-scenes look at the people involved with our Rapids.

We also want your input. What do you want to see more of? Less of? What burning questions do you want us to get the answer to? Let us know in the comments below.