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Thank You, Rapids Fans, for an Incredible Fourth of July Atmosphere

The electricity at DSGP was palpable! No, it wasn't the result we wanted--but it was the result we wanted!

Isaiah J. Downing-USA TODAY Sports

I know that Colorado Rapids fandom is in full 'going to Vancouver' mode, a full three days after the 0-0 draw against the Portland Timbers, but we need to revisit a big win that happened on the Fourth.

That. Atmosphere.

This game is the only game where all six of my family attend. Yes, my oldest daughter is so disinterested in soccer that she brought a book to read (and a good one: "Where the Red Fern Grows").  But we firmly entrenched ourselves in the last row of Section 121.

I confess, I could not believe I was seeing Tim Howard as a Colorado Rapid. Obviously, that helped the atmosphere. Yet, as each home game comes and goes, we gain more and more bought-in Rapids fans. More and more who live and die on each shot on goal.  More and more who feel than on any given night we take the pitch, we have a chance for a result.

One Thing That Did Bother Me, But Not So Much Now

At the end of the match, boos cascaded down on the pitch (you hear it loud and clear on the replay).  That bothered me--but I understand it now. Going into this game, with Howard in goal, all our guys back from international and Copa duty on the pitch (really, for the first time all year), how could we lose? Plus, when Marco Pappa entered the game, I looked at my wife and said, "We're gonna win!  He'll score!"  He's done it so many times, it had to continue, right?  So many great shots on goal, but so many opportunities lost.

Well, we drew due to (1) the rust they need to shake off,  (2) the chemistry-in-progress, and (3) a closer (which Mark covered beautifully in his Backpass segment).

Full disclosure: I struggle with booing my team.  Groaning over a misplay, disappointment over a loss, sure. Booing? I just can't do it. Personally. But in these instances, booing shows an expectation in bringing home three points!  That's a good thing!  We're 7-0-2 at home!  We haven't had success long enough to be spoiled like some teams.  We are at a point in our fandom where we truly appreciate what's happening with the trajectory of 2016--and we relish this.  Big time.

My Tribute to our Departing Managing Editor

By now, you know that John Rosch, our now former managing editor, is moving on. I appreciated how he was always available via Twitter to answer various questions I had regarding the Burgundy Wave. 97.2% of the time, we agreed about all things BW, but when we disagreed, he always responded with wit and grace. I know it's an interesting issue having a Bible-believing Baptist pastor on staff, but the mutual respect we had for each other was evident. Thanks for the sharpening, friend (a word I do not use loosely).  All God's best to you in the days ahead. Thanks for modeling the right priorities.