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All Good Things....

It's time to say goodbye

Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

This is an article I never wanted to write.

I just didn't want to do this.  But alas, here we are.

I have stepped down as Managing Editor of Burgundy Wave.

Whew.  I said it.

It feels weird to say that, but the reality it's time for me.  I am a very private person (despite my *colorful* outbursts on Twitter), and so I have not really spoken about this, but I have been suffering a challenging medical issue and it's time that I focus on that and that means leaving Burgundy Wave in the hands of others.  The doctors are confident of my recovery but I need to make that my priority and with this long period of recovery ahead of me I needed to step down.

I will miss Burgundy Wave greatly, but the time is right.

This has been a good ride for me and for the Wave.  The last 18 months have been great as Managing Editor and I have loved the last 3 and a half years writing for SB Nation.  We have shown amazing growth and it is all to the fine folks that write for this blog.  I can't thank Mark, Matt, Peter, Richard, Todd, Richard, Ben, Jason, Chris, Abbie, Marty, and Chris enough for their contributions and making this blog such a wonderful thing.  We have taken this little blog that covers the Rapids to one that is recognized as the place for Rapids news.  That is no small accomplishment and it is to the credit of the writers of the Wave.

I also need to thank my editors Alicia and Jeremiah for their guidance and assistance.  Their mentoring has been such a blessing for me.

I am also blessed with the relationships that I have made over the years and am so bloody lucky to have you in my life as friends.   Many of you are now part of our #footyfamily and my life is better for having you in it.

Thanks again for everything....