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Would We Be As Excited about Howard Coming to the 2015 Rapids? No!

We are pumped about Tim Howard joining the Rapids. Would we be if this were 2015 or even 2014? No. Here's why!

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

I'm irrationally excited about our Fourth of July game where our Colorado Rapids play the defending MLS Cup Champion Portland Timbers. (And, apart from my irrational excitement, you already knew that!) Tomorrow could well be the tipping point not just for this year, but for the franchise.


Remember in the offseason when the rumblings and the rumors of Tim Howard coming to the Rapids? We have forgotten how ludicrous this all sounded. It sounded like a desperate reach for relevancy.  A grasp by the front office as if to say, "See, everybody!  We're somebody!"  Naturally, we didn't know all the particulars about how the Rapids pursued Howard, and how Howard responded.

But we had the mindset of the 2015 Rapids. The diehard Rapid fans walked away scratching their heads. "We need scoring, not more defense!" "Think of how much salary he'll command that we could pay 2-3 other solid players."  You remember, don't you?  I do.  I said it.  I may have written about it--but I just don't feel like looking it up.  Why?

Because now, I'm in 2016 Rapids mode.  You know, 32 points with two games in hand over FC Dallas (31 points) and one game in hand over Real Salt Lake (28 points) and five points ahead of Eastern Conference leader New York City FC (27 points in 18 games).  All of which means we lead the Supporters Shield race. We have a league-leading defense with Zac MacMath in goal (who's playing so very well, I might add). Plus, we haven't stinkin' lost at home. 7-0-1!

(Those of you who are superstitious by nature may say, "Oooooh!  You just jinxed us!  Don't say we haven't lost at home!"  I don't hold to that, because that information is so very available with any webpage that contains the MLS standings.  Let's just own it, shout it out, and rejoice in the knowledge!)

The 2015 team made the 2015 Rapids Front Office the recipients of the Virus of Losing.  Did they go from idiots to geniuses overnight?  Hardly!  Do I believe they learned their lessons and turn into ones with a killer demeanor?  Absolutely!  I believe they wanted to win. But I also believe they also learned how to win (I'd like to include Pablo Mastroeni in this).

So, for all the talk about Tim Howard coming in to help the Rapids' situation, the pieces that our Front Office put together will actually help Tim Howard! We are in a situation where Howard comes in as only a slight upgrade statistically from MacMath.  Yes, he's a fantastic upgrade for connecting with new fans off the field, but now coming in to a team that will certainly make some noise, and was doing so before Howard came on the scene.

The play of our beloved burgundy boys has actually settled down (believe it or not) Howard coming in.  This move does not seem desperate anymore.  It seems like part of a calculated plan!  And for that reason, I feel much better about the trajectory this team is setting.

What about you? Tell me your thoughts about it all. I hope make it tomorrow night for the match and the fireworks.