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What To Do About Zac MacMath?

It's Time For A Trade

Greg Bartram-USA TODAY Sports

I'm going to get right to it. Zac MacMath has probably been playing the best football he ever has in recent weeks. The troubles from his early season seem to be long forgotten. He statistically is the best goalkeeper in MLS, and come July 4th he becomes the Colorado Rapids backup.

It's no news that Tim Howard is coming to the team and he will be playing on the 4th of July game against the Portland Timbers. In my eyes its the best move for the Rapids right now, and Tim should most definitely be the starter. He is the better keeper, no questions. I feel for Zac though, he doesn't deserve to be on the bench, and I don't think he will put up with it. He most definitely could start for about half of the other teams in MLS, and I think the front office owes it to Zac to move him. I give it to MacMath too, he has been nothing but professional this entire time, he deserves more.

With that said, it's time to move Zac. Like I said before, he is the best keeper in MLS right now and that should bring a pretty good return. The Rapids are winning games, but we are still struggling with finishing and putting the ball in the net. With a trade, the Rapids need to look at some offensive depth. If anyone watched the USOC game against FC Dallas you saw one of our best late subs Dillon Serna go down from what should have been a straight red to Agustin Jara. Whats concerning to me is that we really don't have any quality left if Dillon is injured for a long period of time.


Marlon Hairston has crazy pace and no finishing. If he did we would have scored at least one or two more goals against FC Dallas. He's got a bright future though and I cant wait to see him grow with this team.

Dominique Badji is in a similar situation as Hairston. He has some amazing pace but when it comes down to it, he looks confused as to what to do in the final third. Again like Marlon, I cant wait to see this guy grow and keep getting better.

Dillon Powers to me is a lost cause, maybe package him up with Zac. He was finally playing a position the other night that was supposed to be his comfort zone and he looked absolutely baffled when the ball came his way. I don't know if anyone has a worse first touch on the team. The one thing I can say about Powers is that you can tell he loves being a Rapid. I hope he can turn it around, the only problem is that this team is getting to a level where there isn't room for "okay" players.

Our best option is "Lucho" Luis Solignac, he has shown the most this year and is honestly the only player I've listed that I'm comfortable using on a regular basis. Even then, there are games where he is absolutely silent, which cant happen as a forward if you're going to win games.

The only problem with a move happening right away is that we are pretty short on "quality" keepers, and the front office might be a little scared about what to do if Tim were to go down. I have a feeling the Rapids will probably wait until the end of the year to make any sort of move with Zac. If thats the case, I feel like thats the worst possible scenario for MacMath and I feel terrible about that.


Lets have some fun and look at some possibilities in a move involving Zac MacMath. (WARNING: Most of these probably aren't realistic but lets talk about it anyway) comment below with some other options if you have some!

New York City FC has the worst defense in the league and to boot they have an aging keeper in Josh Saunders. They have some pretty good offensive depth and might be able to part ways with one of their top players. Maybe a Khiry Shelton, or a Patrick Mullins move could really help the Colorado Rapids in a late season push.

The New England Revolution is another team with a struggling defense and for the most part are pretty happy with Bobby Shuttleworth so I don't know if a keeper move would ever be in play but what they could offer is really interesting. Juan Agudelo, Teal Bunbury, or maybe the unused sub Charlie Davies?

The LA Galaxy have a pretty good defense but you can see some frustrations with their keeper Brian Rowe after some mistakes have cost them points. Maybe Emmanuel Boateng? Its a stretch but I would enjoy it.

The Seattle Sounders count on their aging keeper Stefan Frei. Zac MacMath is arguably better and he is also 6 years younger. This team is struggling and needs to be shaken up, I see them making moves, and maybe some with the Rapids.

Again, comment below with some options you think could happen!!


What do you guys think? What should we do about Zac MacMath? Loan? Trade? Keep? Start? I want to know!

See you on the 4th!!! #keepfighting