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A Massive Burgundy Loss: Losing Dillon Serna and Continual Poor Refereeing in Major League Soccer

The Rapids Homegrown was injured in the 2-1 loss to Dallas on Wednesday.

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

The Colorado Rapids announced today that Homegrown Midfielder Dillon Serna suffered a season ending injury after being tackled from behind in the 2-1 loss to FC Dallas on Wednesday night.

From the Colorado Rapids release:

"We are extremely disappointed for Dillon that this injury has come at a time when he and the club are doing so well," said Paul Bravo, Technical Director and VP of Soccer Operations. "Now, it is important for us to fully support him throughout the process of getting back on the field. Everyone at the club wishes Dillon a speedy recovery."

Serna tore his ACL and lateral meniscus after being tackled from behind by Agustin Jara in the 15th minute at Toyota Park on Wednesday.  It was an exceedingly poor challenge that the referee chose to only show yellow on, when clearly it was a red card offense.  It is the kind of bush league tackle that Major League Soccer has vowed to eradicate and yet it still happens.

Serna had featured in 11 matches this year and now his season is done.  And while I am upset with the tackle, and Jara should absolutely be suspended, the real crime is from the referees.  I have watched this play a number of times and I simply cannot understand how Jara was not sent off.  And to add insult to injury, Jared Watts was yellow carded as well for a push.

Look, I get that referees are human.  I really do.  And I know that they make mistakes.  But how in the world can there be no accountability for the referee that missed the call?  I know I am pissed and I am emotional right now about this, but if you are not going to punish Jara for a bullshit thug tackle, then how about punishing the referee who absolutely, positively made the wrong call.

It's not about wins or losses.  It's about making the game as great as it can be, but when referees continually insert themselves into the game--and impacting the results of matches--the game is harmed.

Please, Major League Soccer.  Have a backbone enough to stand up to this.  Teams are getting screwed this season and players are getting injured and losing time.

Fix it.