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Burgundy Links 6-8-16

There was much soccer yesterday. There is much today. There is much tomorrow. It's all streamable, or on network TV. There is never a better time to be alive.

Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports

People are freaking out about our choices in the upcoming election. People are apocalyptic about the US's future.

People be stupid, yo.

There has never been a better time to be alive than right now. Yesterday I streamed Spain-Georgia at work (the little guys won 1-0) followed by watching USA-Costa Rica and Colombia-Paraguay on digital rabbit ears. You can check a link to ESPN FC's recap here, if you missed it, but I doubt you missed it.

When I was very young, domestic soccer on TV involved one match a week on PBS from something called 'Star Soccer'. Going to a game meant watching the Major Indoor Soccer League, which was anything but major.

Currently, I get annoyed when I have a four hour stretch on Saturday without football. Lord, we are spoiled. Imagine what our children will experience. Heck, they'll probably be able to watch the Malaysian 2nd division streamed right into their personal virtual reality goggles.

Colombia-Paraguay ended 2-1, and the little guys played valiantly, even down a man after one of their midfielders earned a second yellow (that's good for the US!). But the most exciting thing that happened was probably the coin flip, which did something you've probably never seen before. But you should check out Victor Ayala's golazo for Paraguay too. It was dope.

In case you missed it,Bobby Burling will be out after having his knee scoped out. Deep breaths, everyone. I gave my two cents on what we've lost and how we can fill the hole, but what I really wish was that we had a USL reserve team.

And there's more Copa today as Group B is in action: Brazil-Haiti and Ecuador-Peru. Mark Geiger will ref the first one. Peru have the best international kits in football in that second. And hopefully sainted editor John will preview it, if his queasy stomach allows it.

Happy Wednesday y'all.