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USMNT Flat Against Colombia, Yes! But Keep These Things in Mind

Man, the US looked bad against Colombia. Any consolation? Kinda.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

After taking a grand total of three days to process the Copa Americano 2016 opener between the USMNT and Colombia, I've walked away with such mixed feelings on the matter that I'm having trouble sorting them all out. But, that's why we as Burgundy Wave writers, well, write--not because we have it all sorted out as experts, but the exercise of writing brings clarity.  So, let's bring order out of the chaos.

My Consolation

World Ranking Disparity. This may be a stretch in mental gymnastics, but I did walk away with one consolation: Colombia is #3 in the FIFA world rankings. James Rodriguez and one of our favorite Arsenal players David Ospina in goal anchor a special national team. The United States ranking? #31.

Did I hope for more? Yes, we all did, given the Copa takes place at our place. I looked at the starting XI and thought Klinsmann put a decent product on the field that would keep us competitive. And losing only 2-0, given the disparity in the rankings, could give us all consolation.

Costa Rica and Paraguay (Unwatchably) Drew. This reality gave the US an open door. If the US beats Costa Rica on Tuesday and then Paraguay on Saturday, we advance to the quarterfinals. Back to the world rankings: Costa Rica is ranked #23, and Paraguay #44. Granted, none of these teams are American Samoa (no offense intended to the fine residents of that beautiful country). Both teams have special players that will cause us trouble. If the US comes out flat again (I mean, really--did you see anyone stand out? I know Colombia is special, but come on now!).  How well will the US play with backs against the wall?

What was your takeaway from the US-Colombia match? Sound off in the comments section or let us know via Twitter!