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Player Ratings: Colorado Rapids at Los Angeles Galaxy, June 22, 2016

A 0-0 draw wasn't boring. There was some good performances from the Rapids this match.

Eric Miller defending along the side of the box.
Eric Miller defending along the side of the box.
Kelvin Kuo-USA TODAY Sports

What appears to be a boring match was far from it. The Colorado Rapids and the LA Galaxy finished 0-0. Each team had some good opportunities, only to be denied by the goal keepers.

For the Rapids, Marlon Hairston had several good opportunities and just couldn't find the back of the net. On his first two opportunities, Brian Rowe had is number. Rowe made saves with his leg and arm. Hairston had another opportunity and decided to pass behind everyone instead of at or in front of goal.

Zac MacMath was huge in this match, making some excellent saves. This includes coming out at the right time to deny LA an opportunity in a through ball and then the diving save on a deflected ball. In what may have been MacMath's last start for the Rapids, it was a quality one.

This is how I saw the match.

Zac MacMath - 8 (8.31): One of the better starts for MacMath this season. He keep the Galaxy off the board with some quality saves.

Eric Miller - 7 (7.22): Miller is a good player and he moved from center back to left back for this match. That is some good depth. He had good movement going forward and had a shot.

Jared Watts - 7 (6.88): A professional evening for Watts who had a good evening. He slotted in well as a center back with Axel Sjoberg. He was credited with a shot, but wasn't that powerful.

Axel Sjoberg - 7 (8.03): A strong performance by Sjoberg who was ghost the match. He's height dissuaded the Galaxy from doing a lot. He did pick up a yellow card, but for me it wasn't a yellow.

Dennis Castillo - 6 (6.72): A decent match for the rookie. He had a decent match, but nothing stood out for me. He did pick up a yellow and for me it was deserved. It was a dangerous play, but he actually didn't touch De Young. MacBean beat him up,early in the match and didn't get a yellow, though he should have had two of them.

Micheal Azira - 7 (7.53): Another strong performance by Azira who was all over the pitch. He did take a professional foul on Gerrard late in the match.

Sam Cronin - 7 (7.28): Congrats to Sam on the birth of his new child. Playing a match away from home when that could happen is nerve racking. It didn't show in the pitch and he had a solid game.

Marco Pappa - 6 (6.88): He dropped deeper to get the ball in this match. When he did get the ball near the box, the Galaxy did a good job of closing down Pappa's left foot. He never had a good opportunity.

Dillon Powers - 5 (5.78): A sub-par performance for Powers who, in my opinion, hasn't done enough during this break to get back in the Starting XI. He just seemed to be off this match.

Marlon Hairston - 7 (5.78): For me, Hairston had a great match. He didn't convert his opportunities but he was the one player making the runs and getting into dangerous positions for the Rapids.

Kevin Doyle - 6 (7.09): An average match for Doyle when I

He was needed to step up. He did set up Hairston on one of his shots. But, like Pappa, was dropping pretty far back at times.


Dominique Badji - 5 (5.78): He came on in the 73' for Pappa. Frankly he did not do much.

Luis Solignac - 5 (5.69): Solignac came on for Hairston in the 78'. Like Badji, just didn't do too much.

That is how I saw the match. What are your thoughts?