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Player Ratings: Colorado Rapids vs Chicago Fire, June 18, 2016

A break and some ugly play. But three points is all that matters and the Rapids got that.

Hairston controlling the ball in the second half versus the Chicago Fire
Hairston controlling the ball in the second half versus the Chicago Fire
Isaiah J. Downing-USA TODAY Sports

A long break led to an ugly match, but in the end it was a win and three points for the Colorado Rapids as they defeated the Chicago Fire 2-1.

The Rapids carried most of the play in the first half and even had some good opportunities in the early going. Kevin Doyle and Marlon Hairston each had a good look in goal.

But the scoring did not begin until the second half. In the 57' Sean Johnson made a poor pass out and Dillon Powers was able to pressure the defender pretty quickly and steal it. He got it to Doyle who took a couple of dribbles and got it past Johnson.

The Fire got back into this match late as the defense seemed to switch off and lost the players they were marking. Joey Calistri was able to get on the end of a header back to him and finished it past Zac MacMath. This should be a concern for the Rapids as this is the second consecutive MLS match that this happened.

But this time the Rapids fought back. Marco Pappa came on in the 83' and in the 89' found the back of the net. He was able to turn with the ball and got a shot off frame. The ball deflected off Jonathan Campbell's leg and went behind Johnson.

Here is how I saw the match.

Zac MacMath - 6 (7.05): This was a good, but average performance for MacMath. He did not have a lot of work to do and made one save. The goal he gave up was not really his fault.

Mekeil Williams - 6 (6.64): A decent performance by Williams. He had good movement and moved his feet well, keeping the Fire attackers away from the net. He did get forward well and had some decent crosses.

Axel Sjoberg - 5 (6.86): Sjoberg fell asleep late and was caught trying to figure out which player to cover. He covered neither and a goal was scored to equalize the match late.

Eric Miller - 5 (6.55): A decent performance for Miller who was making his first start in a while. He and Sjoberg worked well together. That said, Miller missed trying to stop the cross before the goal.

Marc Burch - 4 (6.55): Burch made one critical mistake and it hurt the Rapids, not in this match, but Wednesday's match. Later in stoppage time, Burch made a scissor tackle on a Fire player and earned a yellow card. Now that he has accumulated five on the season, he is suspended for the match with the Galaxy. It just was a bad and unnecessary foul.

Sam Cronin - 7 (6.23): Cronin continued to perform well and his partnership with Azira has proven key for the Rapids this year. He had a good balance of attack and defense and that helped Rapids this match.

Micheal Azira - 7 (6.73): Azira was the workhorse again, consistently running all over the pitch. He was also quite physical, getting called for four fouls. He had been a good balance with Cronin, but getting physical is a good thing for Azira.

Luis Solignac - 5 (5.41): That first touch. He had a couple opportunities and just couldn't take advantage, with that first touch getting away from him. He has a great opportunity to earn a spot in the starting XI but in my opinion he hasn't shown he deserves to start when those on international duty return.

Dillon Powers - 7 (6.64): Powers had an assist and shortly afterwards with a nice run and shot on goal that required a great save by Johnson. It was an above average match for Powers.

Marlon Hairston - 7 (6.68): Hairston was my man of the match. His speed was causing trouble all evening for the Fire. He got a decent header early in the match right at Johnson and almost chipped him later in the first half.

Kevin Doyle - 8 (7.64): Doyle scored early in the second half. This was after a couple of good scoring opportunities in the first half. He got six shots off in the evening, which is good. But something that needs improvement is only putting one in target.


Dominique Badji - N/A (5.68)

Marco Pappa - N/A (7.77)

Dillon Serna - N/A (6.14)

That is how I saw the match. What do you thing? Who was your man of the match? Let us know in the comments.