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From Moaning to Masters: USMNT Wins their Copa Table

We won Group A! Brazil is out! This Copa just got some drama!

Two clean sheets in the Copa group stage! Well done, Mr. Guzan!
Two clean sheets in the Copa group stage! Well done, Mr. Guzan!
Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

Colombia's loss to Costa Rica allows the USMNT to win Group A. Win. Group A. Now that's what I'm talking about. All this while playing with ten men due to DeAndre Yedlin's careless back-to-back yellows will, for me, make this one of the best wins I've seen the USMNT accomplish.

  1. Chill! It's another lesson for us to chill out until everything plays out.  We moaned and groaned after the Colombia match, and for good reason. One wonders if the US came out with that same energy against Colombia that they did against Costa Rica and Paraguay, would we have surprised them? Speculation. What is, is what is!
  2. Bend but don't break. In three games against Colombia, Costa Rica, and Paraguay, we gave up two goals (both against Paraguay), giving Brad Guzan two clean sheets (which was more that the defense at Aston Villa could muster all year--maybe not, for I didn't look it up).  That back line bent but didn't break!
  3. Mount Rushmore of USMNT. Clint Dempsey notched goals 50 and 51. He's more and more cementing his status as all-time USMNT great/legend.  Which begs the question: Who would you put on the USMNT Mount Rushmore?
Other thoughts on the Copa Americano Centenario:

  1. Did I mention that the USMNT finished first in Group A?  I did?  They now play Ecuador.  Ecuador?  Why?
  2. Peru (Peru!) will face Colombia in the quarterfinals because their 1-0 victory put them atop Group B and, as a result, sent Brazil (Brazil!) a-packing.  Peru and Ecuador move on!  Are the days gone when they think just showing up will give them a title?  I hope so.
  3. I'm thrilled the US-Ecuador game takes place in Seattle. No, I'm not a Sounders fan, and no, I'm no fan of that sorry excuse for a pitch they have, but that place is loud and will be packed and will be a handful for Ecuador to handle. I'm hopeful for a trip to the semis!
So let's hear from you about your Copa takeaways.  And don't forget: who's on your USMNT Mount Rushmore?