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Burgundy Links: 6-1-16

You've made it to June! It's all international soccer and long summer afternoons from here on out.

Winslow Townson-USA TODAY Sports

This is Burgundy Links, your one stop shop for everything that happened in the last 24 hours in soccer worth a click.

First. Vote. Vote. Vote for MLS all-stars, and pick a few Rapids while you're at it. You know Seattle fans are getting their favorite players from a mediocre mid-table squad into a match against Mesut Ozil and Arsenal Football Club. Unjustly, of course. Go vote Axel Sjoberg in.

Soccer in the US has diversity issues. It's also mostly inaccessible to middle and lower income families. You probably knew that, but the Guardian did a great article on it.

Gyasi Zardes has made quite an impression. The Hawthorne, California native has gone from his MLS debut in 2013 to starting striker for the USMNT. And now rumors are floating that he has interest from Turkish League powerhouse Galatasaray.

Former Rapids transfer target and Mexican international Alan Pulido had an eventful weekend. By eventful, I mean he was kidnapped in the Mexican state of Tamaulipas, fought off his kidnappers, stole a gun, and got himself rescued by Mexican Special Forces. By comparison, I did some grilling in the rain and stubbed my toe. Hey, we all have stories.

Giovinco's probably out of tonight's Canadian Championship with an injury. Winner gets a berth in the 2017-18 CONCACAF Champions League.

Keylor Navas is out of Copa America for Costa Rica. Bummer: he might just be the best keeper on the planet.

And there's US Open Cup action tonight. Highlights include the OKC Derby and the Switchbacks playing in Arizona. Rapids fans may want to root for Tampa Bay, since they've got Danny Mwanga and Matt Pickens. Hopefully nobody gets DQed tonight.

Happy Wednesday, y'all.