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Soccer Dreaming: Can We At Least Talk About Promotion and Relegation Reasonably?

I know it's the proverbial four letter word.

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I'm not sure there are two more divisive words in American soccer right now (well, PRO referees is a close second).

People have a whole lot of thoughts on it, both for it and against it.  I totally get it.

In fact it was suggested that when I wrote my thoughts on it in January that I need to be careful with it. (NOTE: if you have not figured this out yet, we are not afraid to write what we feel and tackle difficult topics).  I have never been afraid to post tough topics or write what I feel is important and I encourage the writers at the Wave write what they feel.

And in the case of Promotion and Relegation, this is a tough topic.

For some out there, they are very vocal in their passion about ProRel.

Others have a different take

I am a bit quieter than that.  I believe strongly in Promotion and Relegation.  Hell, if you know me you know what my favorite club is: Burnley FC.  They will be playing in the Premier League next season because of Promotion due to them winning the English Championship.

But that opportunity does not exist in the United States.

There are some things I know about Pro/Rel in the USA:

1)  MLS will not let this happen willingly

2)  Owners will not go for something like this ever

3)  Pro/Rel is a long shot.

4)  US Soccer is unwilling to even discuss it.

I am not trying to convert you to believing in Pro/Rel.  You either do or you do not.  But what I would invite you to do is to at least have the conversation.  A real conversation.  Not one that goes:

"Pro/Rel will never happen so why waste my time talking about it"

How does anyone know what the costs and benefits of it unless we actually talk about it.  How does anyone know how it will help or harm US Soccer unless we talk about it.  How do we know if it will work or not work unless we talk about it?

All I am saying is that reasonable human beings can disagree on issues, but to not even have a conversation about an issue is shocking.  To say that "Promotion and Relegation will not work in the United States so I am not even going to talk about it" is wrong.

Here at Burgundy Wave we implore both sides of this issue to sit down, face to face, and talk to one another.  After all:  what's the harm?