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Game Recaps: Colorado Rapids 1:0 Real Salt Lake--I was just a fan tonight

I have the option of sitting in the press box. Not for this one.

Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

So being the Managing Editor of Burgundy Wave affords me a few perks.  One of which is getting to watch games from the press box.

But not this one.

This was supposed to be my birthday get together, but with the weather it was just me and two of my buddies.

And it was awesome

So perhaps this game recap is later than my editors want.

Perhaps this game recap is not super in depth

But as a fan I can tell you this:

It was terrific

It was tense

It was scary

It was challenging to watch

And it was everything I could have hoped for.

I got to yell at RSL supporters

I got to buy beer

I got to hang with my buddies

And I got to see my team beat that other team from the Rocky Mountains.

So maybe this is not the best recap I could write.  And I am sure I will get grief for it, but  you know what:

For the first time in four years I could go to a game as a fan and enjoy it.