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Hair Madness - Final Four!

It's the final four - best hair in MLS. It's the last chance to make your voice heard. You. Gotta. Vote.

The elite eight is over; the final four is set. These are the four best coiffed men in Major League Soccer, as chosen by the esteemed and discerning readership of Burgundy Wave.

So many twists and turns. The upsets of Pirlo and Diskerud! The jettisoning of Rapids favs Casey, Hairston and Jones! The debut of a new Dom Oduro cut, only hours too late! Truly, this has been the greatest hair-related tournament on an SBNation soccer blog in recent memory.

Now cometh the moment we've all been waiting for; the final vote.

Click the music video play button below. Find deep introspection. And make your pick for MLS Hair Madness Champion.

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Thanks again to StormInMay for collaborating on the idea. Polls will stay open for one week: winner to be announced after that!

And our finalists:

Mikey Lopez - NYC - (8 seed)


Robbie Rogers - LA - (2 seed)


Lee Nguyen - NE - (1 seed)


Kei Kamara - CLB - (6 seed)