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Burgundy Links: 4 May 2016

We have reached the middle of the work week!

Dennis Wierzbicki-USA TODAY Sports

Happy Wednesday Rapids fans!  It's Rocky Mountain Cup week and for the Colorado Rapids if they want any chance of keeping the Rocky Mountain Cup, they need to grab a result on Saturday.  But much more on that later in the week and here are a few stories we are following today:

There is some debate as to where Major League Soccer ranks against other soccer leagues in the world.  One person feels it is not so good.

There is some hesitation to buy whether the Rapids are for real or not.  And this is evidenced in the MLS Power Rankings this week.

The Rapids are in first place right now.  They have not been in first this late into a season since 2008.

It looks like Gabriel Torres may be coming back to MLS and might play in Orlando City or D.C. United.

I enjoy this segment much more this season with the new host. Cause who doesn't like second guessing referees?

And in UEFA Champions League, Bayern is out.