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Player Ratings: Colorado Rapids vs Philadelphia Union, May 28, 2016

For most of the match it was non-evenful, but physical. In the last five minutes it was a different story. Take a look at how the players did and how the community ranked their effort.

Luis Solignac battles for the ball against the Philadelphia Union.
Luis Solignac battles for the ball against the Philadelphia Union.
Isaiah J. Downing-USA TODAY Sports

This match had a few eventful moments, but about a five minute span at the end of the match did not settle much. In the end, the Colorado Rapids and Philadelphia Union shared the points in a 1–1 draw, the Rapids first non-win home match this season.

The Rapids had a few early opportunities when Dillon Powers struck the cross bar in the second half. This followed with a Luis Solignac goal being called back for offsides when Kevin Doyle tried to head the ball from an offside position. The Rapids got on the board in the 87th minute when a Marlon Hairston cross was flicked into the back of the net by Sam Cronin.

But that lead did not last long. In stoppage time, the ball found Brian Carroll running through the Rapids defense and he was able to beat Zac MacMath on the near post. It was the only Union shot on target. For the most part the Rapids were solid on defense, but they went to sleep on that goal, three defensive players just standing and watching the ball.

The Rapids seemed to lack creativity around the net, cycling the ball back instead of crossing it or trying to find that tough pass in the box. Several times Dillon Serna tried to cut it onto his left foot, but he was quickly closed down. Give credit to the Union for knowing what Serna wants to do.

A new way to defend the free kicks around the box was deployed by the Rapids in this match. On the two free kicks that were taken by the Union around the 18-yard box, a typical 4–5 man wall was not deployed. They only put two men in the wall, Bobby Burling and Axel Sjoberg on the near post and Powers on the back post. MacMatch patrolled the area in between. It seemed to work on the second free kick when Burling headed it down and out. It will be interesting to see if this continues.

Here is how I saw the match.

Zac MacMath - 6 (6.18): It is tough to fault MacMath in this match. He was not put to much of a test. But he did not make that big save he needed to at the end although he did not have the help of his defense on that play.

Marc Burch - 7 (6.64): With the absence of Shkelzen Gashi, Burch took a couple of the corners and did a good job of holding down the left-side.

Bobby Burling - 7 (6.50): Burling was in a battle with CJ Sapong all evening, even getting his uniform torn in the process early in the first half. This is a foul that should have been called and Sapong receiving a yellow. The assistant referee clearly saw it, but referee did nothing. A good performance by Burling.

Axel Sjoberg - 7 (6.77): Sjoberg had a good, physical match too. He and Burling kept switching on Sapong and that kept punishing him. His height also limited what Philadelphia could do in the box. Sjoberg headed away numerous crosses. Unfortunately the referees keep calling him for going over the top on other players when he has fairly won the ball.

Mekeil Williams - 5 (6.18): He has been a beast throughout the season and had a pretty good match until stoppage time. Williams even earned the secondary assist on Cronin’s goal. However he was caught ball watching on Carroll’s goal. He should have done more on that.

Micheal Azira - 6 (6.55): Azira had a solid match also and was in the right place at the right time tonight. I think he is one of the unsung heroes on this team this year. But he did not track Carroll on his goal, giving him a free opportunity to shoot on goal.

Sam Cronin - 8 (7.68): A good evening for Cronin as he made the run to break down the Union backline and get that go ahead goal. He took that risk and it paid off for the burgundy boys.

Dillon Serna - 5 (5.18): I was advocating more playing time for Serna and despite two starts, it has not gone well. He seems lost at times trying to get into the play. The Union did a good job of limiting what he could do with the ball, especially on his favored left foot.

Dillon Powers - 6 (4.86): I think we all know, Powers should have scored in this match. Not one goal, but possibly two. He put one of the cross bar and then took too long on another, giving the Union time to close him down.

Luis Solignac - 5 (5.68): His first touch was horrible at times in this match. It could have been a lot better. He had a shot in the first half that he should have put on frame. But there were also good signs too. He scored, though Doyle was offside and it was waved off. One play stood out. He chased down the ball on the left-side and won it. He crossed it back into an excellent position on the box, but no one was there. Doyle was too deep and Hairston and Powers did not make that secondary run. Kinda a summary of the Rapids evening.

Kevin Doyle - 7 (6.86): Doyle was working hard all evening and did a good job moving around and getting space. He did drift offsides on the goal that Solignac scored. He did drop a little deep sometimes to get the ball, but the Union did a good job of closing down the Rapids while in attack.


Marlon Hairston - 7 (7.14): Hairston came on for Serna and started making an immediate impact. He made some more runs and was able to get the head on the ball before it was called offsides. He did not make the run into the 18-yard box when Solignac made a good pass back into play. He did get the assist on Cronin’s goal.

Jared Watts - 6 (5.64): Watts came on and was a solid replacement for Burling who seemed to pick up a knock in the first half. Burling did come back and got about 15 minutes in the second half before coming off. He did get caught in between positions on the Union goal, but one of the other players should have had Carroll.

That is how I saw the match. What do you think?

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