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Community Ratings: Philadelphia Union at Colorado Rapids, May 28, 2016

A tie at home? Streaks must come to an end at some point. Put your expert hat on and let us know how the players did.

Luis Solignac shooting the ball into the net on the goal that was called back for offsides on Doyle.
Luis Solignac shooting the ball into the net on the goal that was called back for offsides on Doyle.
Isaiah J. Downing-USA TODAY Sports

All good things must come to an end and the home winning streak for the -Colorado Rapids is over, though they have not been defeated at home. The Rapids tied the Philadelphia Union at Dick’s Sporting Goods Park with a final score of 1–1.

This was a defensive, physical battle and as the match went along the Rapids seemed to be getting the better of the Union. They put the ball off the crossbar a couple times and had a tough offsides against them. There was no creativity in the final third. Marlon Hairston came on for Dillon Serna and the Rapids started playing better.

The Rapids took the lead off a Hairston cross to -Sam Cronin in the 87 minute and this look to solidify the three points for the good guys. But the Union had other ideas. A ball past the backline of the Rapids and Brian Carroll making a run with no one tracking him as able to get the ball past Zac MacMath in the second minute of stoppage time.

The Rapids seemed to be taking too many touches in this match. Instead of shooting or crossing the ball they would turn the ball back or pass it back. There was little risk taking and that reflected on the shots on goal. The Rapids took 13 shots and only put two on goal, the Union took only five shots, putting only the one on goal.

Finally, let us hope that C.J. Sapong will be getting Bobby Burling a new kit top. Sapong did a good job of trying to tear it off Burling in the first half.

All is not bad in burgundy land. The Rapids are still top of the table thanks to FC Dallas and San Jose Earthquakes not being able to score a goal.

Who was your man of the match? Let us know in the comments below.

In the ratings article on Tuesday, I will share the summary of the ratings so far. You will be able to see how each player was rated for each match plus their summary for the season.

Just a reminder for you on the rating scale as you consider your ratings.

10: World Class or Amazing

9: Very good

8: Good

7: Above Average

6: Average

5: Below Average

4: Bad

3: Very bad

2: Abysmal

1: This is bad, just like all the people leaving the Rapids match vs the Union after Cronin scored the goal in the 87’.

Now it is your chance, let us know how you think they did. Make sure you submit your rating before 5 p.m. MDT on Monday to be included.