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Can The Colorado Rapids Maintain First Place?

Looking Forward, and some fun!

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No Hiding Now

It's no question that the Colorado Rapids are the best team in MLS at the moment. We are currently the only team in the league with a PPG at 2, and we also have the best GA in the league. has even made us 1st in their power rankings. (check it out HERE ) It means nothing, but the league is taking notice. People see us now and on the other hand, Rapids fans are starting to notice and believe in this team too. I know for a fact I was not expecting this type of start, and I'm always on the more positive side of things. This has been an absolute surprise just to about everyone in MLS, and here in Colorado as well. In reality we are no longer the underdog, but that type of fight can't stop. They have to remember to always #keepfighting, and as I like to say #keepgrinding because lets be honest, we don't play a pretty style of football.

Room For Improvement

Yes we are the best in MLS, but the Colorado Rapids most definitely have some things they need to do, and things they need to work on.

Health: The Rapids have had some injuries here and there and thankfully the only long term ones so far have been to Sean St. Ledger and Marco Pappa. (Cant wait for both guys to return) We need some of our injured players to get healthy and to stay healthy to continue being successful. Every injury to our scoring core has hurt our GF, but we continued to fight through and kept getting results. A healthy team will be a consistent team down the stretch.

Pablo Mastroeni: Nobody really talks about what an amazing job he has done so far. He has taken a bottom feeder team and made them dangerous to every squad in MLS. Always give credit, where credit is due...but Pablo, USE SOME SUBS!

Goals For: If we see this improve the Rapids could be unstoppable. They currently sit at the middle of the league with 15 GF. Not terrible, but not outstanding either. 15 is currently getting the job done, but I would like to see that improve over the next stretch of 12 games. If they can do that, 1st place in MLS will be no problem.

#KeepFighting: I said it before, we are no longer the underdog. As long as none of the attention gets to the head of the players, they will continue to play their gritty style of football and keep grinding out results.


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Goofy, but I did it anyway. First try...Rapids!

Looking Forward

Here are the next 12 games!

May 21st: Seattle Sounders v. Colorado Rapids

May 28th: Colorado Rapids v. Philadelphia Union

June 18th: Colorado Rapids v. Chicago Fire

June 22nd: LA Galaxy v. Colorado Rapids

July 4th: Colorado Rapids v. Portland Timbers

July 9th: Vancouver Whitecaps v. Colorado Rapids

July 16th: Colorado Rapids v. Sporting Kansas City

July 23rd: Colorado Rapids v. FC Dallas

July 30th: New York City FC v. Colorado Rapids

August 6th: Colorado Rapids v. Vancouver Whitecaps

August 13th: LA Galaxy v. Colorado Rapids

August 20th: Colorado Rapids v. Orlando City

To break it down a little, the next 12 games will basically feature teams we haven't seen before. The only teams we see again will be the Galaxy and Sporting KC. The Rapids will also be at home for 7 of the 12 matches, and if history repeats itself we could be in for some really major wins at DSGP.

I wrote a similar article earlier in the year and I just have a couple of questions for you fans now. Can the Colorado Rapids hold onto first place over the next 12 games? How many points do you think the Rapids will get in the next 12? VOTE IN THE POLL AND COMMENT YOUR ANSWER BELOW!

Personally I think the Rapids go 6-3-3 (21 points) in this stretch and maintain 1st place in MLS. The biggest question is going to be if they can beat the teams that are chasing them. If they can pull off wins or even draws against LA and FC Dallas I think 1st place is most definitely a possibility. My prediction might be a little ambitious and I don't think 1st place is all that important in reality. I just want the Pids to continue form and get better as time goes on, and above all else, stay above the Red Line.