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Player Ratings: Colorado Rapids at Columbus Crew, May 14, 2016

Working hard is always a good thing and that is what the Rapids did in this match. The fought the Crew and fatigue as they played their third match in a week and came back to Colorado with a point and leading the supporters shield race.

Kevin Doyle takes a shot as Gaston Sauro tries to close him down.
Kevin Doyle takes a shot as Gaston Sauro tries to close him down.
Trevor Ruszkowski-USA TODAY Sports

The Colorado Rapids went into Columbus to take on the troubled Columbus Crew team who was having a tough week and were able to get out with a point. The score finished 1–1 and I think both sides are thinking they should have had more.

The Rapids fought back in the second half to equalize the match on a Kevin Doyle header off a Shkelzen Gashi corner. This goal was coming as the Rapids started the second half strong.

The first half did not go as well for the Rapids. They seemed out of sorts and were struggling on defense. This was most visible on the Crew goal when Cedrick to the pass back to the top of the 18 yard box and was able to find the back of the net. The four defenders and two defensive midfielders crashed the net and were unable to get back to Cedrick before he shot the ball.

Jared Watts was back by Zac MacMath on that goal and just stood there. He seemed to interfere a little with MacMath and possibly could have moved and blocked the shot. The Rapids should have done better on that sequence.

The rest of the match was up and down the pitch. The Crew were set on building from the back and it hurt them as the Rapids kept pressing. Jermaine Jones was working really hard and he seemed to tire after three matches in a week. In fact, the Rapids looked pretty tired as an entire team.

Here is how I saw the match:

Zac MacMath - 6 (6.86): MacMath had a decent match and made some good saves. He did try to catch the ball in the second half between two players and that left him out of position when he dropped it. Luckily Micheal Azira blocked the ensuing shot.

Marc Burch - 7 (6.65): Marc had a good match. He was active and was having a good match until he was injured. Hopefully he is not out too long.

Axel Sjoberg - 7 (7.03): Sjoberg had a good match and his presence limited what Columbus and forced them to build out of the back. They had no one how could match him in the box and this limited the Crew scorning opportunities.

Jared Watts - 6 (5.70): Except for the Crew goal, Watts had a solid match. He may have been able to do more on the goal, but it is tough to stop a shot like that if you are not a goal keeper and not in the direct line of the shot.

Mekeil Williams - 7 (6.19): Williams makes the MLS Team of the Week and he deserved it. Williams has been putting in quality performances and this was no different. He had several takeaways and did a good job of limiting the opportunities for the Crew.

Sam Cronin - 5 (6.70): Cronin had a decent match, but probably should not have dropped so far in the box on the goal. By dropping that deep he helped open up the lane and space for the Columbus goal.

Micheal Azira - 6 (7.54): Azira, for me, was more active and important for the Rapids in this match. He helped limit the opportunities for the Crew and kept the game within reach. He was also partially responsible for dropping too deep on the Crew goal.

Shkelzen Gashi - 7 (7.30): Gashi did a great job on service, putting the free kicks into good positions for his teammates. He got the assist on Doyle’s goal on the corner. He took five shots on goal, putting three of them on target. He did lose the ball easily a few times.

Jermaine Jones - 7 (6.05): Jones was working real hard throughout the entire match, just like the other matches. The Crew were focused on containing Jones and he was getting fouled a lot, just not always called. He was able to get two shots off, but nothing on target.

Luis Solignac - 6 (6.24): Solignac had an average match and that is why he received a six. He was solid, did not make mistakes but did not make large impacts. He did a decent job of pressing the Crew.

Kevin Doyle - 7 (7.65): Doyle got up on Gashi’s corner and redirected the ball into the net. He worked hard up top most of the evening and pressed the Crew well. He took a cynical yellow on a "tactical" foul in his own defensive half when the Rapids were in a good defensive position.


Dillon Powers - 5 (5.73): Powers came on in the 79’ for Jermaine Jones. He had some involvement in the match, but overall was pretty quiet.

Marlon Hairston - N/A (5.73): Hairston came on in the 87’ for an injured Marc Burch.

That is how I saw the match. What do you think?