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You Say Goodbye, I Say Hello--Welcoming Howard to Commerce City

Howard's ten-year tenure at Everton is done. Let's welcome Howard well to Commerce City!

Trevor Ruszkowski-USA TODAY Sports

The Everton FC fans gave Tim Howard a proper sendoff after ten years between the sticks. If you haven't had a chance to watch, take 3:19 out of your life for some good feels.

Playing 414 games as an American in the Premier League is special, and he did so with class and discipline. I was so encouraged reading the Colorado Rapids Twitter feed, ready to enlist new Rapids fans upon Howard's arrival.

And many were ready to oblige, hoping the Rapids will do right by Timmy:

I as a Colorado Rapids fan started following Everton because of Tim Howard. Now Everton fans will (hopefully) follow the Colorado Rapids because of Tim Howard. I am thrilled at what has transpired. Everton struggled this year, the result being the loss of one of my favorite soccer personalities as manager, Roberto Martinez. I'll still follow Everton as my #2 EPL team behind the Arsenal, but it'll be an adjustment.

But seeing him sent off in such a warm way makes me all the more ready for him to come to Colorado. And I hope that, as we've acquired more fans from across the pond, we can acquire more fans from across town.  And we will.  The diehard, long-time Rapids fan may say, "Ah, they're just on the bandwagon!  They are only following us due to Howard." Fine!  I started following Everton due to Howard, but soon embraced the rest of the the aspects of the team as well that transcended Howard.

This can and I believe will happen with the Rapids where Howard will usher in fans who will grow to love more aspects of the Colorado Rapids than just Howard alone. We should embrace that--and I believe most diehards do see the upside. Good.

I'm interested to see what happens after Howard arrives in July--not just the first game he plays but how everything rolls on over the rest of the season and beyond. I believe good days are ahead. Coach Mastroeni can (should) leverage whatever leadership skills Howard brings to the advantage of the Rapids. The FO will market Howard's face as much as possible.

But it comes down to us recruiting others to come see the Rapids now that The Timmy has arrived. We can help develop an atmosphere that this truly fortress-esque. The trajectory on and off the pitch is upward. Here's hoping that continues.