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Dick's Sporting Goods Park Is The Place To Be

We just keep winning

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Things are good right now in the state of Colorado. If you didn't know, the Colorado Rapids are at the top of table with an amazing 23 points. Adding to that, we are UNDEFEATED AT HOME!! A perfect 6-0-0, that is already more wins at home then we had all of last season. Something special is going on here with this team and not to toot my horn but I called it HERE

Its still extremely early in the season, every team has a total of 34 to play and we are only through 11, but I don't think we could have asked for a better start. Legitimately you could look through the entire team and be pretty pleased with the way every single player has played.

Micheal Azira "The King of The Midfield" for me has been the biggest surprise of the year, and I know if he can keep it up he most definitely deserves a spot on the All Star roster.

"The Trees" Axel Sjoberg and Bobby Burling are playing lights out. We have absolutely silenced big name players on just about every team we have faced. They play a gritty game and it doesn't hurt that they are giants. Our back line was outstanding last year, and they are only getting better as time goes on this season.

I have been extremely critical of "Shakey Acres" Zac MacMath early in the year, but over the last couple games he has been a rock. He is playing with confidence and has made that one or two big saves that I always talk about. He wasn't really tested in the game against Sporting Kansas City, but he was standing on his head in the game against Real Salt Lake. I think he deserves a nickname change. Maybe he should from now on be called "The Wall"

and if this photo says anything, its don't mess with us. 

Okay, Okay, Get On With It

After the game on Wednesday night all I could see were smiling faces, and the atmosphere at Eighteen76 after the game was absolutely amazing. Rapids games for me are always the perfect way to spend my Saturday. I get to catch up with a friend that I don't get to see during the week, and when we tailgate it usually ends up in overcooked burgers, but I wouldn't change a thing. I can feel a different energy at the park, from the fans and most definitely the players. Everyone involved knows that something special is happening and I cant wait to see how to rest of the season unfolds. Most importantly though, for the first time since I've been a season ticket member with the Rapids, I truly feel like DSGP is finally a place to BE. For the fans, its a place where we want to spend our days off. We can now watch a product thats finally worth our time, and it's now a place where the players when on the road, cant wait to come back to.

It is no doubt a fortress and the place to BE. fans, SHOW UP, and to the Colorado weather, please start being kind to our Rapids.

Do you feel a difference at the park this year? With the team? With the fans? COMMENT BELOW!