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Community Ratings: Sporting Kansas City at Colorado Rapids, May 11, 2016

The Rapids are now 6-0 at home. While winning this match wasn't pretty, they still won. Rate the players performance to share your knowledge of soccer.

Rapids Jermaine Jones tries to get the ball past Saad Abdul-Salaam
Rapids Jermaine Jones tries to get the ball past Saad Abdul-Salaam
Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

It does not matter how a team wins, just that it wins. Tonight was one of those nights where the match was not pretty but the three points stayed in Colorado. The Colorado Rapids beat Sporting Kansas City 1–0 on a long, seeing-eye goal by Dillon Serna in the 78’, two minutes after he came on the pitch.

The first half was broken up by some interesting calls by the referee, ruining the flow of the match. Some were the correct call, others left many scratching their head. Neither team could get into the flow of the match.

As the second half progressed the Rapids seemed to be gaining an upper hand. When Ike Opara earned is second yellow for a foul on Jermaine Jones, it seemed to give the Rapids some energy. It was right after that when Serna scored.

The ensuing free kick went into the box and then out where Serna picked it up the ball and went across the penalty box. With his deadly left foot he put the ball through a bunch of traffic that may have blocked Tim Melia’s view and found the back of the net. That is what the Rapids needed.

From there they were able to finish off the match, sustaining a little pressure from SKC.

In the ratings article on Saturday, I will share the summary of the ratings so far. You will be able to see how each player was rated for each match plus their summary for the season.

Just a reminder for you on the rating scale as you consider your ratings.

10: World Class or Amazing

9: Very good

8: Good

7: Above Average

6: Average

5: Below Average

4: Bad

3: Very bad

2: Abysmal

1: This is bad, just like Everton rolled over and allowed Sunderland to win on Wednesday.

Now it is your chance, let us know how you think they did. Make sure you submit your rating before 5 p.m. MDT on Friday to be included. Make sure to leave your thoughts in the comments area below also.